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Why does Yahoo put Tea Party information up first, when one requests information on taxing the rich? I?

I sought information about how much of the deficit was caused by the tax cuts for the rich. The figures I've read are about 2 trillion, almost half of the deficit. When I asked for this information, the first site given was clearly a very right wing organization because when I asked for more information Iwas given the opportunity to join the Tea Party. Is this what Yahoo wants to promote? Yahoo does not seem to have access to this information. Surprising, since this is supposed to be a free society. I guess it's not. Long live corporate fascism!

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    Because the people that built the websites that are coming up, obviously know how to write headers and webpages that will be listed first.

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    How can a tax part of a deficit..... a deficit is by definition...."an excessive amount spent"....

    What you must mean is if there were no "tax cuts"....would the estimated revenue collected impact the deficit

    No way to cuts impact revenues both positively and negatively.....they reduce on one hand the amount paid by the primary beneficiary.....but on the other hand they cause positive impact by increasing employment, free up venture capital, allow banks to loan more money

    There is no way to accurately quantify the the negative or positive aspects of the tax cuts... no way to accurately determine if the tax cuts increased or decreased revenues

    You say a deficit of two trillion.... BS...... cite your source

    EDIT As to Yahoos bias..... NO.....items come up on search by the number of times they are viewed.... If a lot of people go to a will be the first item listed

    "Thumbs Down"...I knew you would not like my answer....reality has no place in your fantasy

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    The Politics section has been dominated by Republicans ever since I was here in 2007. The ratio is about 5 to 1. This is true even when the Dems control both houses of congress. Explain that to me.

    YA is a right wing organization. As a Democrat I expect to lose but I DO appreciate winning once in awhile

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    Two trillion is on one seventh of the deficit which stands at 14 trillion and climbing.

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  • Edward
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    The Tea Party is full of rich Republicans, and this is probably why Yahoo does

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