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EUR and USD, as I know, are both struggling. Who do you think will perform better in Forex trading?

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    If by what do you think will perform better you mean strengthen then the USD would be the correct answer. In forex trading you have what you call "flight to safety" currencies. The main 3 are the USD, CHF, and above all else the YEN.

    Think about this....Japan has been sitting on an interest rate of basically 0 for as long as I have been trading (7 years). High interest rates tend to mean strong economy. A central bank will raise rates in order to slow growth inflation to around or near 2% per year. Therefore if Japan has an interest rate right around 0 then why the hell has the YEN been strengthening Vs. every other currency for years? Simply put because it is a flight to safety currency....the USD is as well which is why as long as outlooks remain uncertain in the world economy the USD, CHF, and YEN will continue to gain Vs. other currencies.

    Once there is a concrete plan of action to bring the world out of uncertainty, or a few months of strong global economic data then and only then will you see the USD lose strength. That being said I believe it is important to trade based off of price based methods. Fundamentals are a in large part messy now a days. The world hasn't been in this situation in a while and therefore reading direction based of fundamentals becomes rather difficult. Price tends to be the heart beat of a currency. If you can read price you can read direction. I sourced my blog below which covers some price action based trading strategies that I use in forex, futures, as well as equities. I hope the information serves you well

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    Very interesting question ! I think EUR will do good in forex trading which is my personal analysis as it is having more scope for growth and is used in many countries.

    I hope this will help.

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    USD ia the problem of a single country and can be set right. But EUR is not like that, so USD is preferable

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