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im getting married in a month and a half I need to loose weight fast, what should I do?

husband to-be just found out he is getting deployed in a month and a half, I no longer have a year to loose as much weight as possible, I wanted to loose 60 lbs what should I do? please help


***lose*** Sorry

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    Start taking large doses of B12, a shot would be best, but pills work.

    Take water pills, but drink 3 times more water than you do now.

    Take a appetite suppresant.

    Work out twice (30-45 min) a day 6 days a week.

    Eat 5-6 small meals through out the day.

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    Cut off a limb or two, or - just buy a dress that fits. A goal, such as a wedding is good for motivation, but such a short time frame may set you up to "fail." Losing weight should take time - you didn't put it on overnight, it's not going to come off overnight. Try to do what you can, but don't let not losing extreme amounts of weight in a short time span discourage you from doing it the right way, and for life long health rather than a once-in-lifetime occasion.

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    Well in my own personal opinion, i don't think you should rush your weight loss journey.

    Losing it fast and in the wrong way could mean gaining right back again.

    But, i do watch the Biggest Loser haha. and they lose weight fast by exercising and dieting.

    Their trainer Jillian has a book i guess or something you can buy that and see what recipes they have.. hit the gym and congratulations on your wedding :)

    You're going to be a beautiful bride even if you don't lose them 60 lbs fast. you can do it no matter how long it takes, it's possible :)

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    I propose which you drink a lot and a lot of water by using out the day! It fills you up so which you do no longer eat that a lot by using the day. I assure you it is going to artwork on you noticeably considering the fact which you're a sprint enormous... that's much less complicated for you too shed extra pounds good now. So attempt and fill your tummy up with water. attempt eating salads and snacking two times an afternoon. whenever you eat attempt eating a small element and eat like that a minimum of 5 cases an afternoon yet in straight forward terms small parts! attempt and workout a minimum of for 30min-1hr daily. circumvent eating flavored beverages like soda and all that candy stuff. do no longer eat junk nutrients, ice cream or something it is fattening. desire that each thing workout for you and congrats on your wedding ceremony! =D

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  • Walter
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    You will loose all you need after you are married. trust me on that one. And if you don't then it will be a first. Good Luck

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    60 pounds.. thats 1 1/2 pound a day, that impossible.

    Unless your like 600 pounds ._..

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    weight watcher points plus. It will help you keep off the weight in a healthy way.

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    if you have time to walk and run start now .

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