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What is the easiest diet to be on if you have NO will Power?

I also have asthma, this makes it VERY hard to exercise almost impossible, I cant seem to stick to anything I have ZERO will power.

I'm 25 years old, i'm 5 foot 3 inches and I weigh over 200 lbs

Any Pointers Please?

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    You HAVE to have will power. If not then you will stay overweight. Trust me, i know because I am 5 foot 5 and I just got off the scale. 172.4 pounds! And two weeks ago I was saying, "I don't have will power," at around 185 pounds. You need to cross that bridge, hun. I did and its so worth it when you get compliments from people about how you look like you have lost weight. Or when your clothes aren't so tight. Just take your time and lose weight gradually. Start with counting calories. Try eating 1,800 calories a day while walking on the treadmill or around the local track for 45 minutes to an hour. Then after 2 weeks of that change your calorie goal to 1,700 a day and jog on the treadmill or around the track for an hour to an hour and a half. After 2 weeks of that change your calories goal to 1,500 (taking off 200 calories from before) and start running and jogging. I mean running as in 5 miles per hour. It may sound hard but its really not and you don't have to run the whole time. Take one day out of the week, and one day only, to eat whatever you want. And I do mean WHATEVER you want. I do this and I don't gain a pound. But make sure that it is only ONE day. Don't change your calorie goal from 1,500 because it is best to have a stable calorie goal. But, you can change up your excersize regimen. One day you can walk, the next run, the next jog. It will get easier with time. Email me if you have any questions! :)

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    I find cutting out Bread and Potatoes helps me to lose a few pounds a week, it is hard as I love them both, but after a few days I feel so much better.

    I have also recently bought an Xiser, it is great as you don't really get out of breath when using it and if you do you recover very qucikly.

    You only have to use the Xiser 3 days a week for 4 minutes a day ( one minute of exercise at a time).

    The Website has lots of infomation about the machine on it and it has been available in America for a long time and thankfully is now in the U.K and Europe.

    It is also great if you are a little over weight as there is no strain on your body.


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    If you have no will power you must be happy the way you are so why go on a diet? You will find in life if you realy want to do something you will do it no matter what it takes (will power)

    Just eat healthy, and walk as much as you can and if you fancy a little treat do it.

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    Willpower can be attained, you simply have go try.

    That having been said, the easiest diet would probably be to cut out all sugars and starches (bread, pastas, soda) and allow yourself a cheat day once a week. That will slim you down really quick. I did it once and lost like 20 pounds in a month.

    I'd also recommend walking every day if you can't run; its a real fat burner.

    good luck to you!

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    U have no willpower? Your measurement are dangerous, lady. Think of the people who will miss you when you pass away due to ur "no willpower" and your zero effort you put in. Buck up and go for 45min walks, you dont have to be fast at it or anything just do it! Do it for you, your loved ones and your future. You are alive for a reason..

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    Dont 'go on a diet'. Do a lifestyle change. Just cut out all the crap and load up on healthy things. Find healthy snacks that you like to replace junk.

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    just stop eating flesh

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