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how to he rid of blackheads?

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    You never get rid of white/blackheads "for good". You have to get rid of them, then maintain a regimen to minimize their recurrence. You have a few options that I've used- Pore Strips, Blackheadmask-Before you use any method, I would recommend that you STEAM your face first. Be careful though. Get a pot, fill it half way with hot water, get it to boil. SHUT OFF the stove, and place your face above the steam. Again, be careful. You can also get a towel, soak it in hot water, and cover your face with it. Just make sure it's not hot enough to burn your skin. Then, do whatever treatment you want to do. After the treatment/strip/mask- Rinse your face with cold water, then close your pores with either 1.salicylic Acid, or 2. Benzoyl Peroxide/acne medication 3. Sulfur ( I use de la cruz 10% but it is very drying) 4.Tea Tree Oil (I'm going to be trying this one soon) to kill the bacteria that causes them in the first place. Go to if you'd like to purchase the mask (20$) but shipping takes a couple of weeks. Hope this helps. Good luck!!!

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    Ask him.

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