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How would you describe my taste in names?(also please rate them)?

Aloria Madeleine (ah-loh-ree-ah)(mad-uh-len)

Vivica Anneliese

Rosalie Coraline

Anastasia Melanie (ann-ah-stay-zee-ah)

Patricia Lucille

Liliana Guinevere (lil-ee-ahn-ah)

Rosalina Willow (roh-za-lee-na)

Temprence Angelique

Felicia Gwendolen (fah-lee-sha)

BQ : Based on this list, what first/middle name combo would you suggest as a BOYS name?

Thank you

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    I would call your style glamorous, elegant, a bit flashy, and very French sounding

    Aloria Madeleine- 7 aloria is a bit lackluster but madeleine makes a nice middle name. I like that you used it as a middle name because it is so common as a first name, but its still pretty and you should be able to use it without being super trendy.

    Vivica Anneliese- 7 not feeling vivica but anneliese is one of my favorites

    Rosalie Coraline 10 i think this is great. These are two beautiful names that are unusual without being over the top. They flow together very well and it is a very classy, tasteful combo.

    Anastasia Melanie 6 the names are good separately but its a very odd combination

    Patricia Lucille 6 sounds old, but flows nicely and lucille is cute

    Liliana Guinevere 7 too flashy for my taste but flows well

    Rosalina Willow 5 Willow is too trendy and the name doesn't flow

    Temprence Angelique 4 Temprence really isn't my taste at all, but i guess the flow of the name is ok

    Felicia Gwendolen 7 it's cute, a bit young sounding, not loving the spelling of gwendolen but i like the name

    My favorite is definitely rosalie coraline. I think that is absolutely lovely.

    (btw I love YOUR name, caoimhe is on my favorites list!)


    Blaise Olivier

    Henry Pierre

    Andre Benoit

    Dante Alexandre

    Adrien Mathieu

    Milo Sylvain

    Lucien Jacques

    Julian Blaise

    Gavin Myles

    Lucas Sylvain

    Felix Elliott

    Alistair Michael

    Oliver/Olivier Jude

    Edmond Julian

    Hope that helps!

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  • 9 years ago

    ♥ When i look at these names I think of old fashioned style names. A lot of these you don't see very often anymore. Your not a trendy name person :]

    Aloria Madeleine :: 7/10

    Vivica Annelise :: 6/10

    Rosalie Coraline :: 8/10

    Anastasia Melanie :: 7/10

    Patricia Lucille :: 8/10

    Liliana Guinevere :: 9/10

    Rosalina Willow :: 8/10

    Temperance Angelique :: 5/10

    Felicia Gwendolen:: 4/10

    My favorites would have to be Rosalie Coraline, Patricia Lucille, Liliana Guinevere, and Rosalina Willow. I think those are really pretty names! ^^ I also love the name Temperance, but i dont like Angelique along with it. I think a shorter middle name would suit it more. :]

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  • 9 years ago

    Well I can tell right off the bat that you're into old fashioned, classy names.

    Aloria Madeleina- 7/10. Madeleine is so cute ;)

    Vivica Anneliese- 5/10. i don't really like Vivica.

    Rosalie Coraline- 8/10. i LOVE Rosalie ! :D

    Anastasia Melanie- 8/10. Anastasia is pretty :)

    Liliana Guinevere- 7/10 i like Liliana because i like Lily but it's becoming too common and this is a variant of it.

    Rosalina Willow- 9/10. looove this combination.

    Temprence Angelique- 4/10. Temperence sounds like the girl might have anger issues. :$

    Felicia Gwendolen- 6/10. I like Felicity better, but Felicia is nice too. :3

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  • 9 years ago

    Why would you ever name your kid any of those names? I mean, there are one or two that I could possibly stomach but "Aloria"... "Temprence"...? The middle names are not much better.

    Name your kid what you please but I will say odd names seem to be the first one that gets made fun of and being a person that actually has a weird last name I will say its not fun. Just a bit of advice.

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  • 9 years ago

    They're all pretty over the top.

    Boy names:

    Adrian James

    Scott Christopher

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    your names are old fashioned and don't flow well. They are also European spellings. All these names are girls names so how can I suggest you a boys name?

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  • Hailey
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    9 years ago

    ... Are your children going to be long lost Princesses from Disney? Don't do this to your kids, I beg you.

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