A question about bursitis on my knee?

About 3 months ago, I had bursitis on my left knee. Then I went over to the doctor and he said you have to wait and rest it for about 1-2 weeks before you can play any sport. I did what he said and it turned out fine.

Then now, just yesterday, I got it again but on my right knee this time. So annoying man. But the difference between the left knee 3 months ago and my right knee right now is from 3 months ago I still played sports while I had it on my knee for about a continuation of 3-4 days without knowing I had to rest then it got thicker until I found out in the doctor.

Good thing right now is I already know what to do, just simply rest it. But for how long because I just found out yesterday I had it and didn't play any sports ever since and since I didn't continue to play sports like I did 3 months ago, it's not as big as it was last time.

So how long do you think I should rest it?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Sorry in advance for this answer.

    You start off saying "had". It did not go away. It is still there. There is no known cure. The more you use it the more it is going to hurt you in the future. Eventually it will get bad enough that you will have to have knee surgery. You need to respect the pain and rest it when it hurts and for as long as possible when it does.

    Hope it helped and very best of luck to you. Sorry again for been so real.


    Source(s): Bursitis in my shoulder. The more I use it the more it hurts. Should have warmed up longer and been smarter.
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