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So i went to the doctor today and found out i have mono and walking pneumonia. Tuesday im going to get an ultrasound to see if my spleen is swollen so i can see if i can march in the marching band friday night. ive never gotten an ultrasound before. what do they do?

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    The probe will be run over your abdomen with some gel. Your spleen is on the left side so they may just do that or the doctor may order an ultrasound complete which would include the right side too. **There is no internal portion with abdominal organs. That is only used when evaluating your pelvis.

    It won't hurt and is pretty quick.

    Source(s): Registered Sonographer, I perform ultrasounds
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    An ultrasound is super easy. You just lay there while they run a probe over the area they want to look at. They use a gel which enhances the picture, and it's really gooey and sticky.

    It doesn't hurt at all (unless something inside of you is already sore) and it takes a few minutes. Ask to look at the screen while they do it, it's neat so see all that stuff!

  • There are two types of ultrasounds. One is the external ultrasound they rub some lubricant on your tummy and painlessly rub a pad around your stomach and see what is happening in there. The second is an internal ultrasound- they hand you a small round object for you to insert into your vagina it does not hurt either and they moved it from left to right looking for any abnormalities. No worries, they are painless and fast:) good luck

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