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Windows Blue Screen Error Message?


I recently had a windows error where a blue screen popped up and said "A PROBLEM HAS BEEN DETECTED AND WINDOWS HAS BEEN SHUT DOWN TO PREVENT DAMAGE TO YOUR COMPUTER"

My Laptop is only a week old and all I was doing when I got the error was trying to open Windows Media Centre. Why would my computer do this? Please Help!

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    To solve your BSOD error, first of all, uninstall any recently installed i[date and then remove the incorrect registry configurations with Reginout registry cleaner.

    1. Click Start -> Control Panel.

    2. Click Programs.

    3. Under Programs and Features, click View Installed Updates.

    4. Select a recently installed update and click Uninstall button.

    5. Full scan the registry with Reginout software and repair it immediately.

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    Warning and error messages of any kind serve a good purpose because you can't detect all potential issues. Messages that highlight a significant problem and go above and beyond to alert you are even better. That is the "blue screen" in Windows. When something is critically wrong with the your PC, your entire display turns blue. However, some issues like corrupt drivers or outdated software do not necessitate complete disablement of your PC. You can disable blue screens in Windows so that you can manage the problem--without "the blue screen of death."

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