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Maybe Harper is completely right to send Cdn jets into Libya as part of NATO Epiphany or psychotic break?

Have I just seen the light ? Or delved into the dark lands of Non sequitur ?

I keep reading the news of what he and the government have been doing with "our troops"

But thats just it --- they aren't mine nor are they ours as individual peoples Nope -- they are the Queens soldiers always have been Every last soldier sworn to the Queen and her Heirs comander in chief of the armed forces with most of her family ceremonial Col's in chief

So then ?

Harper sent the Queens soldiers into Lybia and she didn't kick up a fuss -- They are her's she didn't bark one bit about it and so the owner being the Queen is somewhere between not upset and jubilant

Making Harper -- perfectly just right and within his scope of power to do

Epiphany or psychotic break?

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    Say what?

    Canada sent CF-18s overseas as our contribution to a United Nations Security Council mandated & authorized multinational force to impose, by force, international law on Libya's out-of-control, dictatorial regime.

    It wasn't solely Harper's own personal & unilateral decision, but one made by our Federal Government.

    I suggest educating yourself on how our Constitutional Monarchy actually works:

    "A cornerstone of our system lies in the principle that governments use power but never possess it; power remains vested in the Crown and is only "entrusted" to governments to use on behalf of the people. In this way, power resides with a non-partisan institution that is above the political give and take inherent in the daily operations of government in every democracy." -

    The CF are soldiers of the Crown and, in our kingdom's system of government, only Canada's democratically-elected governments may exercise Crown powers.

    Making this Libyan thing no different than when Chretien's Liberals sent the CF to war in Afghanistan following the 9/11 attacks and just as legal.

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    This definitely reads like a psychotic break to me.

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    there was no reason for it or as the second link shows the Brits know something as to why bo used r2p to attack them

    Bogus claims so why

    gold trumped up

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