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are these fish okay together?

i'm upgrading my 10 gallon tank and getting a 29 gallon tank. i already have 3 female betta, 1 swordtail fish, 1 black molly, and 1 white molly. when i get the new tank im keeping the female bettas in the 10 gallon but im putting the other 3 fish in the new tank. but i also want to get 1 angelfish and 5 glowlight tetras. would these fish be okay together or would one of them get agressive with another?

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    well the you would need 4 more swardtails and 2 more black mollies and 2 more white mollies with all those fish that you suggested plus the ones that you would need (they are schooling fish the mollies need at least 3 in a group and the STs need at least 5 in a group)

    5 swardtails

    3 black mollies

    3 white mollies

    1 angelfish

    5 glowlights

    you would need at least a 50 gallon tank. i would not get the angelfish because it might aggress towards your other fish. get ride of the swardtail and you will be fine

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    Angelfish can get very aggressive especially when there is only one. And especially towards bettas. The glowlight tetras are perfectly fine though. But I would not put a Angelfish in with the others, once it gets to a certain size, bye bye tetras.

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    I would pass on the angelfish. When they get bigger, they get mean and aggressive towards other fish. The glowlights should be fine.

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    there is the possiblity that htey may be ok mutually. in case you may desire to living house those fish mutually merely merely determine you %. out a notably and calm betta that's no longer agressive. I even have 2 bettas myself and that they've their own tanks. they may be agressive in direction of one yet another and different fish. merely pay attention of having a smaller catfish than your betta. If the betta is plenty bigger there's a bigger danger of battling and probable dying. as long as 2 bettas are located interior the tank you may desire to be ok, yet fish are not continually predictable. I say bypass forward and look at out. The worst that would desire to take place is you may desire to pull one out. merely watch the tank for a on an identical time as whilst they're mutually and if battling looks like it is going to take place, place interior the internet and pull one in all them out. i'm hoping that I helped and that i desire you great success with youe fish. Bettas are spectacular! :-)

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    They should be fine(: Do as your plan says and if it doesnt work out edit your plan and replace the fish in a different tank.

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  • dunno. male beta are aggres. squirrels are mean.

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