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Environmental engineering? ?

Hi, so I'm planning on hopefully majoring in env engineering in the future. Anyone knoow about the job prospect and such?

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    1] Look on sites like and see what jobs are actually on offer.

    2] HOWEVER, do not get discouraged; engineering is quite cyclic, and with the economy in the hopper jobs will be scarcer than usual, and salaries lower. But in a couple of years [assuming we do not re-elect our Socialist in chief] the economy [and, yes, I saw that you are in Canada, but your economy is joined to that of the US pretty closely] when the economy starts moving again, any engineer with a degree and a pulse can get a job.

    3] Environmental engineering is most often handles as a subset of Civil Eng'g, which seems crazy to me [I am a ChE]

    4] I cannot see demand for environmental engineers going down any time soon, not relative to other flavors of eng'g; I think the environmental compliance effort will not slacken any time soon.

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