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French liaison question?

Is there a liaison between the words "est" and "un"? I hear it pronounced sometimes as e-tun and sometimes as est un with no t on the un.

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    C'est une pomme.= It is an apple.( liaison t and u because liaison are heard between a consonant and a vowel )

    C' est un fruit.= same liaison

    C'est une femme. = same liaison

    C' est un, c'est une , you always make the liaison, that is the french grammar rule.

    un arbre, liaison n and a

    une maison , no liaison between e and m because a vowel start first.

    un chien, no liaison between two consonants

    une orange= an orange, no liaison between two vowels

    Un haricot = a bean

    des haricots = the beans, it is a huge mistake to make the liaison with the word haricot,( in school the teachers correct the students all the time because they forget the grammar rule.)

    Source(s): native french
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    There's always one there, theoretically. But if someone hesitates or tries to force the pronunciation of some words - or even has some accent - you may not hear it.

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    ''C'est un garçon'' - Ceh-tuh gar-con.

    Listen to these:'est_un_vieil_homme/

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    I can't speak French

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