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Is the Alaskan Klee Kai the right breed for me?

I'm looking for a dog that looks like the was the wolf does, I was thinking Husky but they are big, I love them but they are not fit for apartments. I was looking at the Klee Kai breed and was wondering if they are good for apartment life?

Also I like dogs that are Energetic, Smart (but aren't escape artist like Husky), friendly, ECT...

Can these dogs climb over 4 foot fences or not because I would not love that too much. Also can they be trained so you don't need a leash, or at least most of the time?

Do they need exercise, if so I can invest in a treadmill.

Thanks, please leave helpful information about them and good tips. ALSO, how much do they cost, or estimation for the sub total?

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    Hi I saw this web site it should tell you allot but these dogs I don't know allot about these dogs but I don't think there good with young kids. But i do know there very active and on the website look at the heights..Hope this helped!!

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  • parlee
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    3 years ago

    *facepalm* There are sufficient poorly bred mutts interior the international as is. The canines could be monetarily valueless and you'd be fortunate to supply them away. canines don't have "toddlers*" they have doggies. in case you may no longer carry close that then you definitely rather should not be breeding something. merely with the aid of fact a canines seems healthful would not recommend they are. What genetic try have you ever had finished on the two canines? merely with the aid of fact a canines seems reliable would not recommend that they in fantastic condition the same old. SPAY and NEUTER your canines and give up meaning to be a outdoor breeder. No in charge AKK proprietor or breeder will tarnish their breed by employing coming up poorly bred mongrels.

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  • 9 years ago
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