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Trying to write a sex scene and I'm a virgin?

I'm a writer and one of my goals is to get published. I have a really good idea that I have been sitting on for a while. The problem is there is a sex scene in my book and I have no way of knowing what to write about or how to write it since I'm a virgin and have only a vague idea of what sex is about. Like I know what happens, but I can't really get what people feel.

So here's the back story of the scene I want to give you. The main character Mina, goes to a party and she gets really drunk. She doesn't realize what she is doing and wakes up in another guys bed. She doesn't know his name. She doesn't know where she is and she can only remember bits and pieces of the whole night, and nothing really about having sex with him.

I couldn’t remember a lot about what happened next. I could only remember glimpses. I dragged him away from the crowd. Next I was somewhere dark and we were all over each other. There went my jacket. And I heard the sound of zippers coming undone. I couldn’t remember if it came from his jeans or my dress. I remembered the smell of sweat and a feeling of pure ecstasy before I blacked out.

I woke up with the sun blinding me. I kept my eyes closed so I wouldn’t hurt them. I sat up and my head felt like it would explode. I forced my eyes open one at a time and waited for them to adjust. The room was spinning.

“Oh my god!” I pulled the sheets around me because I was naked. “Who the hell are you?” I jumped out of the bed and tried to find my clothes. My dress was MIA and my jacket was destroyed. Silently cursing everything I tried to find at least my bra or something. Had I even worn a bra with my dress?

“The real question is who are you, what are you doing in my apartment and why are you naked?” The guy in the bed had a smug smile on his face and I hated that smile.

Thank God I had at least found my panties. I slipped those on. I had to settle for his shirt since I had nothing else. It was an old t-shirt of a band from the eighties that I vaguely recognized. The pieces were slowly falling into place. I didn’t. I prayed that I hadn’t. “We didn’t, did we? Please tell me that we didn’t.” I could hear the desperation in my voice. I couldn’t have. I didn’t just give it up. I wanted it to be special.

“Did what?” Again there was the smug smile. It was all I needed as an answer. I had to fight back tears.

I glared at the guy. I didn’t even know his name. He was older than me obviously. He had to be about twenty two or so. He looked so slimy.

“Damn it!” I felt so angry I wanted to punch something. “Where the hell are my clothes!”

“Hey, calm down! I don’t want you trashing my apartment! Hey at least we had fun right?” His cocky attitude threw me over the edge.

“Fun?! Is that what you think! I can’t remember a goddamn thing! For all I know I went out and killed someone last night!”

“Hey calm down!”

Frustration boiled over in me. My head was spinning, every sound was an explosion in my ears. And everything he said made me sicker. “I’m sixteen! I just had sex with a guy that I don’t even know. Do you think this is funny?”

“Wait, sixteen?” The guy looked scared for a second. “Why didn’t you tell me?! You’re just a kid! I could get in big trouble.”

“You’re gonna get in trouble? Do you know what’s going to happen to me?”

“No but get the hell out of my apartment! And keep your little mouth shut!”

Tears burned my eyes. I was out of his bedroom in a second. I found my dress in the hall. I ripped his shirt off; I couldn’t stand even being near it. It took my only a minute to put on my dress and zip up my boots. I would never be back and I hoped to never see that guy’s face again.

It was only when the elevator door closed that I started crying. Thankfully no one else was in the elevator since I probably would have been crying either way. How could I have just thrown it all away? I had been planning to save it for someone special but instead I had just given up to the first guy who came by. My best friend Astrid had always told me that you always ended up either loving or hating the guy who took your virginity. The answer was obvious for me.\

Do you think it's realistic? What should I change?


This is not a corny romance story and these two people don't meet and fall in love, I hate cliches. It's more to do with how one night changed her whole life in many different ways. it's a pretty important part of the novel so I want to get it just right!

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    You have to have a massive hangover to not remember anything. I've never been that drunk but when my friends get drunk to a point where they don't remember anything, they often get sick. So if your character is a good girl who rarely drinks, it's a bit unrealistic that she drinks this one time a lot and just gives it up so easily (and that she doesn't get sick).

    It's also kind of annoying that she remembers having sex with him but then she asks if they had sex

    And when you drink a lot, it's usually a little while after that it gets into your blood stream that the day after, you won't remember. I've never heard of anyone remembering what happened right before they blacked out.

    As for the guy, I really have no idea how a guy should feel after a one night stand lol. But I've read a lot of amateur books with guys having a cocky attitude, so that's a bit overplayed (at least for me). If you were planning on later on, the two of them meeting up again and the girl slowly falling for him, I can tell you right away that's not original at all. If you weren't planning on doing that, well uh.. good for you :D lol

    My literature teacher told me that when making a book, it's important to know exactly about what you're talking about. The last thing you want is the reader getting annoyed by a detail that isn't realistic.

    So I'm not telling you to go out and get drunk to experiment the feeling lol, but look on the internet or go to the library and you'll find lots of stuff about every psychological or mental aspect of your characters in your book.

    Hope I helped you out and good luck!

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    i've got study intercourse scenes by way of sexually journey authors that have been merely undesirable. i don't think of journey is merely too massive of a element, i'm very lots detrimental to the "write what you be responsive to" thought. examine is fundamental. The greater you be responsive to approximately what happens formerly, for the period of, and after sexual intercourse the greater mushy you would be writing approximately it - whether you're in elementary terms using sparse information. Or, because of the fact that intercourse isn't the ideal purpose of the scene - merely describe some kissing, foreplay, placing out clothing, etc. then merely write approximately how she is feeling, mutually together with her coronary heart beating quicker and the soreness, you do not probable could flow into ingredient in any respect.

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    I'm a writer and what not. I have wrote sex scene's I'm 14 btw.

    When you say "pure escasty" it sounds so very corny because you probably never did e.

    And it doesn't sound that relastic. If you said she remembered bits and piece's include them.

    But in Italic's like.

    in some way...

    If she was blacked out after sex then in her dream or something or right before she blacked out.

    write for example two setences about sex and her in him and what not.

    Then the feeling and her mind and how her body feels and how the subtances are running through her viens.

    Do you get it? This is vauge and not really giving the readers anything worth.

    Just read the first chapter. Don't steal ANYTHING.

    When I was in agony I wrote it.

    If you want pointers or anything join the site and talk to me.

    We can work magic, darling.

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    Seems pretty realistic to me. Sounds like you don't need any help. It's really well written and I kinda wanted to keep reading. You have a lot of talent and I can totally see you getting published sometime in the future. Good Luck.

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    It's good, I think. Since you're not trying to write a sappy romance novel, you don't have to go in depth about the sex scene. You can be vague and get the point across. The reader can draw the conclusion that they had sex. Romance novel style sex scenes are like, "...and his throbbing member penetrated her sweet innocence..." LOL.

  • OMG, have you ever read The Mockingbird? Your story reminds me EXACTLY of it. A girl (16) went out, got drunk, passed out, had sex but couldn't remember anything, and as she sought to get relief and justice in a school system remembered it in bits and pieces.

    Anyway, it's good!

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    Oh my God.

    I wanted to keep reading! :(

    Yes, it's realistic! I love this!

    I'm not saying I'm not a virgin, but this is exactly how I imagine it being (and stories that have been told about people accidentally losing it) told. People that have done this before say exactly what you've told.

    Source(s): I'm 14 :) *Virgin status. :D I really wish I could know the ending product. :/ It's great. I like it!
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    It's very good!

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