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gis and remote sensing universities?

i need a university that offers GIS and remote sensing courses at m.sc

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    I.m not sure about Canada.

    Until I recently retired, I had been working with researchers at George Mason Univ. Some of their work was being funded by the US Army GIS Engineering Center, formerly Topographic Engineering Center. In recent years we were doing more on data model alignment that remote sensing, but sensing is very much big business these days.


    Check Ohio State

    Ohio State University Geomatics Engineering Undergraduate Program.

    Undergraduate Programs - civil engineering, environmental engineering (civil engineering with an environmental option), and geomatics engineering. In addition, the Department offers two minor programs - environmental engineering, and surveying and mapping.

    Graduate: Civil & Environmental. A master's and PhD program in Civil Engineering are also offered. Specializations at the graduate level are available in the construction, environmental, geotechnical, remote sensing, structural, and transportation areas.

    Geodetic Science & Surveying. A master's and PhD program in Geodetic Science and Surveying are offered by the Department. Three areas of specialization within geodetic science at the graduate level include geodesy, photogrammetry/remote sensing, and mapping/geographic information science.

    Finally, based on MIT's connection with Lincoln Lab and the MITRE Corp, I would bet that MIT is doing a lot of hyper and multispectral sensing work.

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    UC Santa Barbara is a good one.

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