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If India is a democracy then why aren't Hindus allowed to protest against corruption?

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    It is a democracy, simply not an open one. It has limitations just as Canada does (you must apply for a permit to hold large political gathering), just as the USA does ( you must apply and get a permit, etc.), just as in most of Europe, etc.

    India is also rife with corruption, crooked politicians, con men, liars and thieves, just as is Canada, the USA, Europe, China, Japan, etc.

    What we seem to be watching now is, throughout the world, the people beginning to rise up and take control of their governments. Let's just hope that not too much blood must be split to accomplish the goals and aims of the people and that they can create something better than what they had.

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    It is a democracy. That just means people get to vote -- it doesn't guarantee freedom of speech or assembly, or freedom to protest.


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    The same reason why if we in America did the same we would be repressed.

    IE The Patriot Act forbids us to do so

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