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Environmental careers?

I was looking into an environmental career, to study for in college. But i cannot decided on exactly what i want to do. I would like to be out on the field, but not a builder or a handy person. i want to help conserve animals and their habitats.. etc and make the planet a better place. I would like to only do a bachelors degree, i am a woman, it would be also great if you gave descriptions of the job or personal experiences in these fields. :) THANKS!

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    I'm a woman with a B.S. in environmental studies. When I went into school, i wanted exactly what you described: outdoorsy work, no masters. I ended up in environmental consulting; which, in my case, involves sitting in an office all day. For me this is a good thing, because I realized working outside means dealing with the elements on a daily basis, which is really not something I'm into, not to mention it would be difficult for anyone to spend their entire career up until age 65 doing fieldwork. You will be most versatile by choosing a general degree, I would choose a major in either ecology or biology, but, keep in mind that jobs are hard to come by, involve long hours in sometimes uncomfortable conditions, and they are low paying. Not to mention it is very hard to make it in that area without a masters. Keep it in mind, because as much as it sucks, finances are important!

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    It all depends what type of environmental job you want to do. Do you want pants? or animal focus? Do you want to work on land or water?

    I was a Biology major and I specialized in Microbiology... you could (if your school has it) specialize in zoology (studies animals), aquatic biologists (examines micro-organisms, plants, and animals that live in water), marine biologists (studies the environment in the in salt water conditions)...or something else. Ask an adviser or Google different ideas. My adviser in High School was pointless I did everything on my own. I went to the first school that accepted me and now realize how many other majors there are available in the world if I had just researched. Good luck!!

    Source(s): I had to go through the same process to determine what type of biology major I wanted to be
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    I artwork for a waste oil recycling plant in/around Cincinnati, Oh. We purchase waste oil from Lube shops, vehicle sellers, metalworking and vehicle industries and anyplace else we are able to get it. occasion: Pay 1 / 4 a gallon for it, filter out it, manage it with a chemical stated as a demulsifier, warmth it to one hundred seventy levels. This technique gets rid of the water from it. it rather is offered instead gas to in particular asphalt plant life for over a dollar a gallon. We plan to sell over 4 million gallons this 365 days. it rather is a touch elementary technique, yet costly for specific. I have no college coaching. I do have a minimum of 8 years working with chemical components in bulk quantity. all and sundry can try this interest. The oil we deliver out and in is seen a non dangerous textile. The "crimson water" faraway from the oil is likewise non dangerous. it rather is distributed to a water therapy plant.

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