Which computer is better? HP or Acer?

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I need a computer for school, and I'd like to be able to game on it, but that is not a priority. I've narrowed it down to an Acer Aspire ...show more
Update : Can I get reasoning as to your choice too, if possible. Thanks!
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  • Steve answered 3 years ago
The HP has the faster processor but you should be able to game on either one. Keep in mind that these are not gaming laptops so you will see some performance issues if you try to play the newest games with the highest graphics settings. If I were you, I'd take the Acer, thought I am biased because I own one :) Also keep in mind that yesterday HP announced that it was not going to manufacture PCs anymore and were going to focus more on servers. I don't know how that will impact their support though their support was never good. Hope this helps!


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  • number answered 3 years ago
    I would Prefers to go with hp laptop
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  • slyolefox answered 3 years ago
    Find a good local tech & have them build you one to your specs. You will have a much better pc because HP;Dell;acer all assemble using cheap quality components. just my opinion
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  • MAX answered 3 years ago
    the hp is more powerful due to its processor. neither have a good graphics card though, if you want to use these for gaming in the future ull wana look around more
    the amd radeon hd 6520G is only a class 3 card (class 1 is best) id be looking for a mid range class 2 card

    also remember that HP is soon going to stop manufacturing laptops so i dont know how reliable they will be in the future


    My brainz
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  • JKuL answered 3 years ago
    HP is more reliable and their customer service is much better compared to Acer's.
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  • Rumon answered 3 years ago
    I think hp is more renowned then Acer. hp customer service management is best. So you can buy those model PC which cover 3yers full warranty.
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  • Leaahemilyxx answered 3 years ago
    Acer Aspire
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