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Paramount vs Coronation ace?

Which blade? Im switching from a quest blade, im in Freeskate1

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    Paramount and Coronation ace are both far to advanced for you! Jeremy Abbott uses coronation aces and is doing quads and triples. Rachael Flatt uses Paramount and is doing doubles and triples. For your level you should get either Jackson Mirage blades, Jackson Aspire blades, Eclipse Volant blades, John Wilson Excel blades, John Wilson Majestic blades, MK Club 2000 blades, or MK Double star blades. Getting a blade too advaced for you will hinder your training and make skating a lot harder.

    **EDIT** Jeremy Abbot uses gold seal blades!

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    9 years ago

    As a british skater I am not familiar with the level you have given, despite this I can give you information regarding what blades I used at what levels.

    I actually (and rather unusually) just used club 2000 blades ( the cheap ones that come with many cheap boots! ) and Wifa boots up until double salcow,

    I then switched to Coronation ace and stayed with then until double loop.

    After this however my wifa boots began to crack at the ankle offering no support, as my feet are still growing and I am quite small my coach informed me that this was dangerous, so we complained and got another pair, but again they cracked.

    In fact this happened for a total of three times and then we decided it was time to change make.

    I am now, with jumps up to double axel, on riedell with gold-seal blades.

    As for Paramount, having never used them I can't actually give you an oppinion but I can definitely recommend both gold-seal and coronation ace as they were both very good and easy to look after. Despite my level when I used Coronation Ace I know two girls who can do jumps only up to single flip who have recently begun to use Coronation Ace blades.

    Personally that your blades are often a choice best decided by your coach and although I hope my opinion is helpful they will know what is best for you.

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    coronation ace is to advanced but paramount makes different blades for different people so the right blade would be good for you., i've heard great things but have never personally used them. as for myself i am the same level and i am going to get the jackson competitor with either the jackson legacy blade or the jackson matrix legacy blade. so this combo would be great for you also. good luck and happy skating:)

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    I use coronation aces, love them, but I'm Freestyle 8!

    I recommend looking at blades more suitable for your level...

    [Riedell recommends the Volant, Double Star, Majestic, and Jubilee blades for Freestyle 1]


    Jeremy Abbott uses John Wilson Gold Seals...

    Source(s): EDIT: personal experience, but everyone is different it might/might not work for you
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    coronation ace is too advanced for you... ive never used paramount so idk about them

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