If my city is not producing enough water, can I get a refund for my water taxes ?.?

Or stop paying them ? For the last five years, they have been steadily raising our water taxes (and other municipal taxes). Everyone knew the old well was running out. But instead of building a new one, city administration opted to build a new community center/library. Well this year, there are finally consequences to this irresponsible decision. There is almost NO water. Every day, the water stops working. I mean literally, you are in the shower, the water starts to get weak until there is none. The washing machine flashes error codes. The toilets don't fill. etc

The city is buying water from a nearby town by truck to get us through, while they finally work on a new well which also needs a new treatment plant, so there will be six months at least like this. All this costs a lot, and there is talk of a special fee, or tax or I don't know what they will call it.

I am mad. I pay for a service I am not getting. If this was a store, it would go bankrupt. Can I (legally) not pay for water, since I don't have any ? I know several businesses are going to make a group lawsuit, for example the ice-cream shop has gone through three machines worth over 10 000$ each because if there is not enough water inside, they are screwed and the cuts happen at night too, when no-one is there.


I do not live in a third-world country, I am in southern Canada, and there is water all around.

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    You do not pay for water unless your city meters it. If they do, you're only paying for what you use, meaning if flow stops so does what you pay.

    What you pay for through taxes is the water SYSTEM, which obviously needs more money.

    The short answer is that no, you cannot sue. If you aren't happy with how your town is run, try voting in th next election. Or even run for office.

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    Go for other options.You cannot sue as they have their own sayings.If you don't take tank water from them as it is not sufficient for you,then buy tank water yourself and tell them as" your office is not providing water I will not pay water bill hereafter as I am not taking water from your water tank"

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