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How do I get Bandicam to record skype audio?

I Speak with my friends over skype and we have always wanted to have a youtube channel with a few hundred viewers or so. I got bandicam so we could record some of our games we play together and start a series, but I can only get Bandicam to record my voice and not to record the voices i hear too. Is there anyway that i can do this? I use a Px21 Turtle beach headset, if that's got anything to do with it, When it asks me to add a secondary audio track to my recording file i cannot choose to record the sound that are coming from my headset, only the sound from my microphone, and for the first audio track i already have my mic selected. When i hit settings next the the secondary device option i able to find my turtle beach speakers, but when i click ok after i select them it just changes it back to my mic for my Turtle Beach. Does anyone know how i can record their voices with Bandicam and without using an audio program?

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    You have to use both Primary and Secondary device of Bandicam.

    -> Go to Video settings menu.

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    if you just wanna record the skype audio, you can use the skype recorder, some freeware is available, such as ifree recorder at

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  • 3 years ago

    you may no longer have your microphone working in 2 classes (my laptop would not enable me a minimum of :P) so which you will could have your chum edit the video and upload the voice the place it ultimate fits. ~Armadil

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