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Do window coverings in a large open room all need to match?

My living room and dining room are all open in one large room. My living room has 2 identical windows (that I will obviously keep the same) plus a patio door entrance. My dining room has a smaller window then what's in the living room. Do they all need to be identical? I will keep the same colors type or themes but I have sheer on the windows I'd like something heavier on the patio doors for privacy. I'm worried I can't match the exact color shade if I go with a heavier fabric. (My window coverings are blue and my walls a combination of light/dark brown)

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    mine is the same way & I have same colors, fabric, etc. but different style. looks good to me, keeps with the same color scheme but separates each room.

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    It should work out just fine so long as the colors match and are compatible with the surrounding colors in the room and doesn't clash with anything causing one item to stick out yelling for attention saying, "Heyyyyyy Everybody =))))))))))))) Look at Meeeeeeeee !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!". Hahahahaha!!!

    In my living room, I have blinds on the Entry, curtains on the Windows, & a combination of blinds and curtains (For Privacy From The Neighbors) on the double french doors (Back Door) which are similar in colors to the curtains on the windows.

    You should be good. Take care ;))))))))))))))

    Source(s): Meeeeeeeeee!!! Yayyyyyyyyyy ;))))))))))))
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