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Are u thinking about possibly voting for Rick Perry: see this?

Rick Perry is BAD for America. If he get's over $100,000 is campaign contributions from you, he'll turn ur world around (with tax payer money!) I don't know if all politicians are like this, but I haven't seen a better case study than this to prove Perry is a 100% corrupt politician. People need to see this:

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wdx2bb hmm, im not. look @ the link

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    The only people who are thinking about voting for Perry are Tea Party, Republican and don't know him. He was bragging about his wonderful knack for job creation just this week but when the figures came out officially yesterday, Texas had the worst figures since Oct 1987, when Reagan (another Republican) was in office. Perry uses money from any tax he can to plug up the holes even if it is collected for one thing specifically such as the tax Texans pay on their electric bills to help elderly and disabled keep cool in heat like we are having now. We just had 2 old ladies die in their home last week from the heat and no air. The money paid was taken to fill the gaps in his budget and I have heard to also run the air conditioning for his big religious prayer meeting last weekend at Reliant Stadium, where he prayed for rain. So far it hasn't worked. He put out an executive order in Feb 2007 that said all females starting in the sixth grade were to have the Gardisil HPV shot. His campaign mysteriously got a $5,000 donation from Merck about 3 weeks before. Then there was the notorious road north from the border through Texas that was going to take land from private land owners by eminent domain to build. It was supposed to be a German company who was going to run it but there was also talk that a Chinese company was going to build it. Some called it the NAFTA Highway. He just got a campaign donation of over $2 Million from Bob Perry of Perry Home Builders and believe me, I am not even considering voting for him. Most of this has been written about in Texas papers this past two weeks and is readily available on line.

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    never! i am a texan,and perry is no good.anybody that would allow the homeowner association oppression to exist and wants texas to secede from the great states,will never get my vote.those types of actions are un-american. Ron Paul 2012

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    You don't have to make up stuff about Gov. Perry to foil his chances of election. His views on such issues as being against direct election of Senators as well as of evolution should do it.

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    a State Governor who holds a 'Protestant Only' public prayer service does not have a clue about what it means to be a citizen of the USA, and has never read the US constitution

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    lol no Perry's a joke. He think dinosauars were on the earth 3,000 years ago

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    And so the propaganda begins...

    Look - we know he scares you - he should!

    He can create jobs... he understands AMERICAN VALUES... people... have been voting for TEXAS with their FEET.

    Contrast him to YOUR GUY... who is still blaming BUSH - and keeps doing everything that BUSH DID WRONG... plus some... and it makes PERFECT SENSE.. that you'll have to either IMPUGN PERRY or OBAMA'S DONE.

  • 8 years ago

    oh please.

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