WDYT of my baby name list?

This is a list of my fave baby names, let me know what you think. Also, what middle names would go well with these names?

Baby Boy ...








Baby Girl ...









Thanks in advance!

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    Ooh yay I love these kind of questions, I love giving middle names. :) I actually love most of your names, they're on my own list. Except I have Aspen on my girls' list. I'm not too mad about Bristol or Presley, but sure everyone has different taste. :) Middle names for my 4 favourites from each:

    • Oakley Alexander

    • Oakley Benjamin

    • Oakley Bennett

    • Oakley Carter

    • Oakley Christian

    • Oakley Corbin

    • Oakley Dallan

    • Oakley Graham

    • Oakley Greyson

    • Oakley Harrison

    • Oakley Hunter

    • Oakley Jonathon

    • Oakley Mason

    • Oakley Peter

    • Oakley Philip

    • Oakley Robert

    • Oakley Ryan

    • Oakley Samuel

    • Oakley Simon

    • Oakley Tiernan

    • Oakley Trevor

    • Levi Austen

    • Levi Benjamin

    • Levi Blake

    • Levi Casper

    • Levi Christien

    • Levi Cohen

    • Levi Cole

    • Levi Collin

    • Levi Drew

    • Levi Dylan

    • Levi Geoffrey

    • Levi Hunter

    • Levi Jerome

    • Levi Joshua

    • Levi Jude

    • Levi Malcolm

    • Levi Matthew

    • Levi Max

    • Levi Micah

    • Levi Morrison

    • Levi Noah

    • Levi Peter

    • Levi Ross

    • Levi Sampson

    • Levi Samuel

    • Levi Sebastian

    • Levi Timothy

    • Levi Zachary

    • Declan Adrian

    • Declan Carter

    • Declan Christopher

    • Declan Eli

    • Declan Elliot

    • Declan Felix

    • Declan Finley

    • Declan Graham

    • Declan Gregory

    • Declan Harvey

    • Declan Isaac

    • Declan Jacob

    • Declan Jeremy

    • Declan Joseph

    • Declan Joshua

    • Declan Matthew

    • Declan Oliver

    • Declan Peter

    • Declan Rory

    • Spencer Adam

    • Spencer Bennett

    • Spencer Blake

    • Spencer Cohen

    • Spencer Cole

    • Spencer Collin

    • Spencer Colm

    • Spencer David

    • Spencer Dean

    • Spencer Dillon

    • Spencer Eli

    • Spencer Elliot

    • Spencer Finley

    • Spencer Gavin

    • Spencer Graham

    • Spencer Gregory

    • Spencer Harrison

    • Spencer Jacob

    • Spencer Jonathon

    • Spencer Joshua

    • Spencer Julian

    • Spencer Liam

    • Spencer Luke

    • Spencer Malcolm

    • Spencer Phillip

    • Spencer Tobias

    • Spencer Timothy

    • Alba Cadence

    • Alba Carreen

    • Alba Cassidy

    • Alba Catelyn

    • Alba Catherine

    • Alba Charlotte

    • Alba Chloe

    • Alba Claire

    • Alba Claudia

    • Alba Dawn

    • Alba Diane

    • Alba Faye

    • Alba Felicity

    • Alba Grace

    • Alba Gracelyn

    • Alba Heather

    • Alba Heidi

    • Alba Holly

    • Alba Jacquelyn

    • Alba Jayne

    • Alba Juliet

    • Alba Kate

    • Alba Kirsten

    • Alba Lily

    • Alba Lynne

    • Alba Madison

    • Alba Melanie

    • Alba Naomi

    • Alba Nathalie

    • Alba Renée

    • Alba Rosalie

    • Alba Rose

    • Alba Scarlett

    • Alba Violet

    • Juliana Beatrice

    • Juliana Beth

    • Juliana Bethany

    • Juliana Camille

    • Juliana Carolyn

    • Juliana Faye

    • Juliana Harper

    • Juliana Hazel

    • Juliana Kate

    • Juliana Kathryn

    • Juliana Madeleine

    • Juliana Madelyn

    • Juliana Madison

    • Juliana Meghan

    • Juliana Melody

    • Juliana Phoebe

    • Juliana Rosalie

    • Juliana Scarlett

    • Juliana Sophie

    • Juliana Valerie

    • Juliana Violet

    • Audrina Belle

    • Audrina Bethany

    • Audrina Cassie

    • Audrina Charlotte

    • Audrina Chloe

    • Audrina Clare

    • Audrina Faye

    • Audrina Felicity

    • Audrina Harper

    • Audrina Hazel

    • Audrina Heather

    • Audrina Heidi

    • Audrina Hope

    • Audrina Jessie

    • Audrina Julie

    • Audrina Karen

    • Audrina Kate

    • Audrina Lauren

    • Audrina Lily

    • Audrina Louise

    • Audrina Paige

    • Audrina Phoebe

    • Audrina Scarlett

    • Audrina Summer

    • Audrina Susanne

    • Audrina Taylor

    • Rosalie Abigail

    • Rosalie Amanda

    • Rosalie Alma

    • Rosalie Alva

    • Rosalie Ava

    • Rosalie Bella

    • Rosalie Beth

    • Rosalie Camilla

    • Rosalie Cara

    • Rosalie Catherine

    • Rosalie Charlotte

    • Rosalie Diana

    • Rosalie Ember

    • Rosalie Emelyn

    • Rosalie Emma

    • Rosalie Faye

    • Rosalie Hanna

    • Rosalie Harper

    • Rosalie Heather

    • Rosalie Juliet

    • Rosalie Kailyn

    • Rosalie Kathryn

    • Rosalie Mathilda

    • Rosalie Maya

    • Rosalie Paige

    • Rosalie Piper

    • Rosalie Summer

    • Rosalie Tara

    • Rosalie Taylor

    • Rosalie Willow

    Phew! Hope you find at least ONE you like. :)

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    9 years ago

    Hello! I just have to say, you have some interesting names here! :) I'll pick favourites and least favourites for each gender, but I'll give you middle names for each one.


    *Favourites* Levi, Declan, Spencer, and Brodie.

    *Least Favourites* Oakley, Aspen, and Bentley.

    Comment: I prefer Levi as a middle name. Declan is one of my favourites! Spencer, I've always thought was a cool name. I prefer Brodie to be spelled with a "y", as Brody.


    *Favourites* Aralie, Alba, Aislinn, and Rosalie.

    *Least Favourites* Julianna, Bristol, Audrina, and Presley.

    Comment: I prefer Aralie to be spelled with a "u", as Aurelie. Alba is interesting. Aislinn is a very pretty Irish name. Rosalie has always been a favourite of mine.

    Middle Names:

    Oakley James.

    Levi Matthew.

    Aspen Daniel.

    Declan Levi.

    Spencer Collins.

    Bentley Cruz.

    Brodie Michael.

    Aralie Brianne.

    Alba Rose.

    Julianna Kaye.

    Bristol Paige.

    Audrina Olive.

    Aislinn Juliet.

    Presley Aurore.

    Rosalie June.

    I hope this helps you. Good luck and happy name-hunting! :)

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I put the names in order from MOST liked to LEAST liked and gave middle name options for my top three.

    Boy names :

    1. Levi [Levi Tyler]

    2. BBentley [Bently Jackson]

    3. Brody [Brody Michael]

    4. Spencer

    5. Aspen

    6. Oakley

    7. Declan


    1. Audrina [Audrina Lauren]

    2.Bristol [Bristole Michelle]

    3. Julianna [Julianna Nicole]

    4. Presley

    5. Rosalie

    6. Alba

    7. Aralie

    8. Aislinn

    All your choices are so different and cute:)

  • Cofer1
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    9 years ago

    Great names! So naturey and cool! They are also very different and unique without being weird. My faves are Declan, Presley, and Rosalie.

    Oakley Ray

    Levi Joseph

    Aspen Grady

    Declan Andrew

    Spencer Cade

    Bentley Wayne

    Brodie Warren

    Aralie Jade

    Alba Rose

    Julianna Winter

    Bristol Paige

    Audrina Lily

    Aislinn Lucy

    Presley Delilah

    Rosalie Sienna

    Hope I helped! :)

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  • gary s
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    9 years ago

    Levi and Brodie for a boy.For a girl,Audrina,I don't really like any of the others.I tried to find uncommon names for my kids that were easy to spell phonetically.After researching my family tree online,I have several names that fit that and have been out of use for decades.Like Darinda,Phebe,Eliza,Libby,Alice,Grace, Laura and May June (My great grandmother), for girls.Thomas,William,George,Charles, James ,and Robert for boys.I also used a lot of bible names with my kids.I think Shiloh would be great for a girl.

    Source(s): Father of three and a history buff.
  • 9 years ago

    I like Levi, Spencer and Julianna

  • -Mi..
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    9 years ago

    i love Spencer!

    Spencer Lee

    Declan Spencer

    Levi Spencer

    Spencer James

    Spencer Logan



    Alba-reminds me of JessicaAlba

    Julianna is pretty

    Bristol reminds me of bistro or something italian

    i love love love Audrina

    Aislinn-not a fan, i'd choose Ainsleigh

    Presley i'd do Preslene

    Rosalie is beautiful!

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    9 years ago

    You want the baby to be mocked because of his/her name? You are trying too hard to be original and different. Go with something more classical.

    This is just me being frank and honest.

    Source(s): common sense
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