cameroon adoption a scam?

I received an email from a birth mom in Cameroon she wants me to adopt her son. she sent me pictures, and i have even spoken to her. however she wants me to send her money to come to the united states so she can give me the baby personally, what can I do? I am soo heart broken. I have fell in love with this child via picture. How should I proceed? What would you do?


Please dont tell me how dumb I am. That is the last thing I need now!

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  • 9 years ago
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    This is a scam

    1 - she would never get a visa to travel to the US to begin with if she can't afford all travel expenses

    2 - you never send money to anyone for any reason

    3 - foreigners cannot adopt children from Cameroon without physically travelling to Cameroon and spending a minimum of 3 months in the country caring for the child

    "RESIDENCY REQUIREMENTS: The prospective adoptive parents must have the child in their care and custody for at least three consecutive months before the High Court will consider issuing an adoption decree."

    4 - a child can only be adopted if it is an orphan with no living relatives that can care for him/her. A mother cannot give up their child for adoption - that is illegal and considered selling a child has a warning on their site about all the adoption fraud out of Cameroon

    "Fraud Warning: Recently many Americans have become victims of Cameroonian scam artists offering adoption services through the Internet. Americans should be very cautious about sending money or traveling to Cameroon to adopt a child from an orphanage they have only heard about through e-mails. Prospective adoptive parents MUST travel to Cameroon and participate in person in the legal procedures that govern Cameroonian adoptions. In order to protect themselves and the children from the possibility of fraud or other serious problems, prospective adoptive parents are advised to consider first the list of accredited orphanages available at the Ministry of Social Affairs. Should prospective adoptive parents wish to hire a Cameroonian attorney to assist with the adoption, they can obtain a list of attorneys from the U.S. Embassy in Yaounde. "

    The US Embassy also has a warning on their website

    "Some of the most popular scams involve the adoption of children or animals over the internet. The perpetrators of child adoption fraud often claim to be indigent parents unable to care for a child or members of the clergy working at a Cameroonian orphanage seeking a good home for a child. Other versions of this fraud involve wildlife, including birds (often parrots), dogs (Yorkshire terriers and bulldog puppies are frequently offered), and monkeys. The scammers will begin a relationship with the victim by offering the fictitious child or animal for free, asking the victim to pay only a small amount to cover the cost of shipping. This will be followed by a never-ending string of additional requests, this time for more money due to ‘unforeseen expenses’, such as court costs, airport fees, customs duties, and medical costs. The scammers will claim that the fictitious baby or animal will be abandoned at the airport unless they are unable to pay a non-existent fee, and the victim will be threatened with the loss of thousands of dollars. Some of these scams falsely claim that volunteers from the U.S. Peace Corps are involved in these sales."

    The State Department has also issued a warning about Cameroon adoption scams

    There is no child - this woman has stolen pictures of a cute boy off the internet and is trying to pass him off as her son

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    9 years ago

    Kittysue is correct. There have been warnings specifically about adoption scams from Cameroon. Take comfort in what she said--there is no actual child waiting for a home.

    Anyone asking for money via the internet is 100% scamming you.

    What do you do? If you want to adopt, go through an agency and do things the legal, ethical way.

    Source(s): Mom to 3 through international adoption
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    4 years ago

    Adoption? I take it which you propose new child adoption. so a procedures as i comprehend of, there are no longer any adoption scams considering which you provide the money and take the youngster on the comparable time and it would be very problematical to tear-off. yet there are situations the place people who declare to be working orphanages and asking you to undertake are certainly abducters, and the youngsters who're accompanied are certainly little ones who have been abducted. for this reason in case you want to undertake you ought to undertake from qualified people who certainly have data that they run an orphanage and have governmental approval. shouldn't undertake from random human beings, as you are able to properly be violating the regulation and kidnapping little ones.

  • 7 years ago

    Mrs. Burton could you please contact me as soon as possible. I know you don't know me but I believe that my husband and I have fail victim to a similar scam and I would really like to ask you some questions. I tried to hit email but I guess it's my computer due to the storm. If you could please email it would be greatly appreciated and before others bash about adoption, we fell victim to a VERY similar scam and everything we did was legal. Was I naïve yes but unless your in the situation please do not pass ill judgment. Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon my email is

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    There are legal ways to go about adopting a child internationally. This is not one of them. This is a scam. Run away from this situation fast or else you will be broke and still not have a child.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Can you send me the babies photos of on i want to see if its thesame with the one i just got.

  • 9 years ago

    Contact the authorities. People seeking to adopt are put through the wringer by manipulative people such as these. She is in effect selling her child and that isn't legal. Heartbreaking, yes. Still illegal.

  • 9 years ago

    It is plain to see it is a scam and if you are dumb enough to fall for it, your heart WILL be broken, for sure. There are a lot of babies in the US of A who need adoption, you are less likely to be scammed if you go through family services for adoption. God bless.

  • 9 years ago

    i hope your joking. Only an idiot would fall for that scam, not to mention the moral issues involved.

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