When you romance someone in Dragon Age?

When you romance someone in Dragon Age, do you do it the same style as Mass Effect. I would talk to them after every mission on the ship but there is no ship in Dragon Age. I've only been to the "camp" once and that was on the way to Lothering at the beginning. I just finished with Redcliffe now but there is no camp or anything.

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  • 9 years ago
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    First, some romance dialogues are only accessible through the camp on Dragon Age:Origins. So visit the camp frequently. Also, you have to ensure that the character you want to romance is A). fond of you enough to stimulate more intimate dialogue and B). is sexually interested in your character's gender. For instance. Lelianna and Zebran are bisexual, but Morrigan will not romance a female Grey Warden without Mods (PC exclusive). Also, characters such as Wynne, Sven, and Shale are unable to be romanced.

    I would also suggest checking out the Dragon Age wiki and finding the certain items that help stimulate romantic dialogue with characters. For instance, Flemeth's Grimoire (found in the Mage Circle) boosts Morrigan's affection toward the Grey Warden astronomically.

    Again, if you are not seeing new dialogue, you may need to progress the quest farther. Allistar cannot be romanced fully until after the Arl Eamon quest and the first treaty quest. Hope this helps. Oh yeah, and here's a link to the wiki, for everything romantic you may need. http://dragonage.wikia.com/wiki/Romance

    Source(s): Over a year of Dragon Age:Origins and Dragon Age II gaming experience.
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    The camp is the square mass of land at the top right of the map. To romance you talk to them at camp and while out and get them gifts each person has a special gift you learn about by talking to them there are also other gifts. Each person likes diferent sorts of gifts

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