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Quaker or Senegal Intelligence?

Can anyone tell me which one's more intelligent? (Someone with experience with both, please) Thank you.

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  • Yogi T
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    9 years ago
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    I have had both.The quaker I raised from day 2 out of the egg. The senegal is rehomed. The quaker liked to play games and was a happy go lucky bird who loved to make us laugh. He was a quick learner and could play peek a boo , Do a high five (or is it 4?) and imitate our laughs. He tried singing but never quite mastered it.

    The senegal is very intelligent and can repeat conversations and loves to swing and play. They do microwave beeps good enough to send you running to the kitchen.

    Either a hand fed well socialized quaker or senegal would make wonderful pets. The quaker would be noisier than the sennie. They can get pretty loud . Mine was on the quiet side outside of a few squawks once in a while. Their intelligence is about equal.

    Spend some time with each of them before you decide. One of them might pick you !!! Then you have no choice . Good luck.!!!

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