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So i have ADHD , if i tell my college will that follow me?

im just wondering if i tell my college i have adhd will my future jobs or w/e be able to see that on my record? inever told my high school but im not sure how hard college will be, i have not taken medication in years it was fine through high school, although i was a little hyper : ). any comments on this would be appreciated

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    No, future jobs will not be able to see that on your record. Your information if you choose to disclose it, is protected under the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) which provides people with a documented disability with certain accommodations so that they have an equal chance of being successful as people without a disability. Your teachers won't even know what the disability is, just that you can use the accommodations if you need them. I'm in grad school and was just diagnosed with ADHD, so I just went through this process. It's up to you whether you choose to tell them, but the benefits are worth it. You can get things such as extra time on tests, a distraction free environment to take tests, increased break time to stay focused, note takers, or the use of recording devices, depending on what you require to be more successful and what your doctor recommends. It's your choice, but they cannot hold it against you and it doesn't follow you.

    Source(s): Self: Grad student, psychology intern, and also diagnosed with ADHD
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    No your future jobs will not be able to see this on your records. Its completely confidential. The university will not know that you have ADHD unless you voluntarily register for accomodations. And even then, your professors will not know your diagnosis-all they will know is that you are eligible for accomodations "a, b, and c" (for example taking test in quit place, extra test time, etc).

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    I have ADHD too , but I've learned to be controlled sorta, but I'd rather not tell anyone if I were u

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