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Atheists who used to believe in God?

How did it all happen with you? How did you start falling away from your belief and what exactly did you believe? What religion or belief system did you follow at that time? What is your story as to why you started to disbelieve in God? What lead you down that path to that line of reasoning verses your faith?


Above all please be civil with your answers because I really want to know why the fall out?

Update 2:

I am looking to hear your story and not in just a simple few words. Tell your story.

Update 3:

Only stories get the 10 points so if you want the points you have to tell me your story.

Update 4:

What were you at the time? Were you a Christian (State your denomination) , Muslim, Catholic (Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Catholic), JW, Mormon, etc

Update 5:

Also could you please state whether or not the belief you were involved in at that time. Did they ever ask you why you left or do any kind of follow up with you as to why you were leaving?

Update 6:

Please answer all my questions because I really want to know what it was like for you?

Update 7:

No one is answering my question and if you are really smart as atheist's claim to be then I would read an actual story about why you left your former belief. I am reading more hate towards God then someone honestly telling their story.

Update 8:

@Joey you are the best example here because you actually read what I asked. Now all you need is others to compete with you to top your story according to the best of what I am asking.

Update 9:

@Your Ancestor are you perfect or better then any one else?

Update 10:

I am not asking people who never believed in God from the get go. I am asking people who have believed and have left their beliefs. Why is it so hard for people understand the question I am asking?

Update 11:

@B the reason why I asked for a more respectful answer is because when it gets into God bashing then it offends people who do believe. If you believe in being respectful then I would hope that you realize that. I do understand about having people push things on you because I have been there too. I have had others try to push their beliefs on me when I believe differently from them. I wish I had more room to explain because in some ways I can relate to some stories.

Update 12:

@froufrou - It's not my intention to be rude, I'm just frustrated that people aren't reading what I am asking.

@Ra! -I can only think of one such discussion about Judas and it was about Christians asking could he have repented and gone the other way? I am sorry that you were hurt though the last part isn't so clear to me as to what you mean?

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    Dear HannahRose,

    I started out as the average christian child that simply went with the pledge of allegiance in school and prayer on thanksgiving, but I found myself to question the idea of god since I was in elementary school. I remember a boy in fifth grade for some reason asking me if I believe and god, and I said I don't know. Immediately I was ostracized until I conformed to say I do. My mother's side of the family are moderate christian methodists, so they didn't really bother taking me to church or bother answering any of my questions. My father's side, however, are strict and old-school roman catholics. Because I live with my mother and not my father, I never had my communion/conformation, therefore I was never revealed to the dogma at a young age, which I am grateful for because I enjoy the fact that I'm now old enough to make my own decisions on what I should base my entire life morality upon. I was the typical moderate christian that said they were what their parents were. It was until I was about 16 that I actually started to read the bible on my own. It was also that summer, ironically, that my father took me to Rome and Vatican City. I told myself that if I pray in the church inside the vatican and feel nothing, I would consider myself an atheist, which is exactly what happened. I started to disbelieve in not only the christian god due to all of the horrendous passages I read in the bible, but all gods and all religions when I started looking up videos of religious arguments on YouTube. I've recently took out the qur'an from my local library to read, and it's no better than the bible (actually a lot nicer). Watching videos from YouTuber's such as Thunderf00t, NonStampCollector, DarkMatter2525, GrapplingIgnorance, and famous arguers of religion such as Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris, Lawrence Krauss, and T.V. show The Atheist Experience, I was exposed to the best arguments of the religious, and to how easily they could be refuted. I'm currently reading the bible for the second time, and I've done my research extensively on other popular religions. I hope my story was of some interest to you.

    Best wishes,


  • Ra!
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    9 years ago

    I was a devout Christian, until I was 14, I was even training to become a Sunday school teacher. Studying the bible in a closer way I noticed some very contradictory texts and many things that said to me that God wasn't so good. I asked my teachers and the preachers questions which they couldn't begin to answer in a believable ways. For instance I could not understand why Judas was so hated by Christians, after all he was doing God's will and Jesus told him to get on with it. I remember being stung by the law that illegitimate children would never see Heaven, nor ten generations afterward. How is it the child's fault? Why did god allow slavery at all ? These are a few of my badly dealt with questions. What finally pushed me out of the church? I then attended a Billy Graham rally at the Albert Hall In London, there were thousands of Christians attending. I started getting uncomfortable and to my horror I realised this was nothing short of whipped up fervour and almost mind control. I left the church agnostic. A couple of years later I learned that my parentage was not what I expected, and the ruling on illegitimate children rang in my ears. I cried and cried for days and nights on end, became depressed and was almost suicidal, feeling like dirt. This was the in the 70s when this sort of thing was still scandalous. I calmed down several months later and started real reasoning and came to an atheist conclusion. My mind was set free.

  • 9 years ago

    I was born into Christianity and followed it for 22years of my life.

    I was an extremely devout christian to such an extent no one could waver my beliefs. All was well, my prayers were always answered but, I was never happy. One day, I realised the unbelievable truth.

    Personally, it is my conviction that all sentient

    beings are immortal spiritual beings. This includes

    human beings. For the sake of accuracy and simplicity I

    will use a made-up word: "IS-BE". Because the primary

    nature of an immortal being is that they live in a

    timeless state of "is", and the only reason for their

    existence is that they decide to "be".

    I am a prisoner on earth not a free human being. I did not answer this question because I am free. I answered this question because I am not free.

    Source(s): Airl
  • 9 years ago

    non religious chrisitan/believer

    i grew up and learned more, cos my family has never been religious we always had the opportinuty to learn more and not stick to our own beleifs ridgedly

    the problem is its not really that interesting a story, so a few words make it better to hear ;-)

    because we were never religious, i never beleived the bible was absolute truth, just the basics, god, jesus, mary, and the god loves us all and we must obey stuff


    my family always maintained we were protestant, i never felt that, i never felt any of those lables

    even when i was younger i knew i wasnt any of those things

    but you get to a certain age you start thinking rather than being told whast to think, and i just thought more about it, and learned more too

    no, no one asked anything about why i was 'leaving' like i said, we werent religious, so there was no one to ask that, we werent involved in any religious activities

    i just, learned who i was, and went with it, and hopefully your family accept you for who you are, and cos we werent religious, they were ok


    "No one is answering my question and if you are really smart as atheist's claim to be then I would read an actual story about why you left your former belief. I am reading more hate towards God then someone honestly telling their story."

    theres no need to be rude, people are trying their best

    no one can make you read anything, what you take from peoples stories and answers is purely up to you

    i know i dont 'hate' god, i dont believe in a god to hate

    that being said, i admit, allthe time, i do despise religion

    but it has nothing to do with any god

    i always say religion is not about god

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I'm raised Roman Catholic, i'm even baptized and have recieved holy communion. But that was years ago.. now, i'm agnostic atheist.

    Nothing serious, I simply didn't think God played any signifigant role in my life. And, I only actually goy baptised because my parents did it to me as an infant, and when I recieved Holy Communion, I accepted it immediatly to make my parents happy and proud.

    I respect peoples religion, and even go to a catholic school where church is required every once and awhile.. but I don't participate.

    Another reason why I decided to be Agnostic Atheist was definitely because of an (ex) best friend. She started to push her religion onto me, REALLY BAD. She tried to get her "religious camp friends" to convert me, then she started debating to me about all this ridiculious things. And I got fed up. So i dought i'll ever be religious again, because she put such a bad image on christianity for me, I don't want to become her.

    No one 'asked' me why I was leaving. I simply left. I don't need to inform everyone i'm now agnostic atheist. My parent's were shocked, but that's their beliefs, not mine.

    I definitely feel your being picky about this whole "story" thing... there's my story. I'm atheist, of course it's going to bash God! I'm not writing down memo's of every religious moment in my life. But that's how I converted.. I don't know what more you want??

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Why do you assume that it was the Abrahamic God that I believed in? It was not. I believed in gods. Yah was not one of them.

    When I was younger, I believed in the gods of the ancient Egyptian religion (although the actual religion I practiced was a very watered down version, mostly because half the rituals involved are community things that don't happen anymore, nor do the associated clergy, and it was very difficult to create close facsimiles of these things on my minuscule budget). I gradually grew to realize that there was really no reason to believe these creatures exists, and so now I don't. I grew up.

    Source(s): You know what they say about when you assume. . .
  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I believed in God, I prayed a lot, when I started reading about astronomy, science I was really interested in it

    I'm currently a science student

    in my country it was obligatory to take a religion class in high school, I live in Greece

    the thing that bothered me the most is my teachers, they were always like "don't question god, he's perfect, logic doesn't apply to god" and other stuff like this

    when I started playing with Math, physics I realized that religion is a waste of time

    I still go to church because of my parents, but that's because I respect their views and when they want some company I go with them

  • Nous
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    9 years ago

    The vast majority of atheists were subject to the child abuse of being forced to be christian and thanks to better education and growing intellects were able to realize the truth and escape into reality!

    Acceptance of a supernatural claim tends to promote cooperative social relationships. This communication demonstrates a willingness to accept, without skepticism, the influence of the speaker in a way similar to a child's acceptance of the influence of a parent. By encouraging this kind of behavior where the most intense social relationships occur it facilitates the lack of skepticism and deters more open minded thinking.

    They are christian, Muslim or the other religions depending where they were born simply because they were indoctrinated by their parents as very young children. They will go on to indoctrinate their own children and those will go on to indoctrinate their grandchildren!

    Atheists have the intellect to see through the conditioning and escape into the real world!

    Agnostics have the intellect to see through the conditioning but lack the courage to throw of the conditioning entirely.

    Sadly Christians, muslims and others are still held firmly prisoner by the self perpetuating brainwashing!

    Source(s): University of Missouri-Columbia. Arizona State University
  • 9 years ago

    From William Blake's "Marriage of Heaven and Hell":

    The ancient Poets animated all sensible objects with Gods or Geniuses, calling them by the names and adorning them with the properties of woods, rivers, mountains, lakes, cities, nations, and whatever their enlarged & numerous senses could percieve.

    And particularly they studied the genius of each city & country, placing it under its mental deity;

    Till a system was formed, which some took advantage of & enslav'd the vulgar by attempting to realize or abstract the mental deities from their objects: thus began Priesthood;

    Choosing forms of worship from poetic tales.

    And at length they pronounc'd that the Gods had order'd such things.

    Thus men forgot that All deities reside in the human breast.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I was raised to believe in christianity but in middle school I realized it was all a bunch of nonsense

    edit: what kind of a story do you want? I was there my parents told me god was real so I took their word for it, and then when I was old enough to think for myself I realized what they were saying wasnt right. just read the bible, its nonsense. and I surely would not want a god like that to exist. the christian god is a monarch and punishes those who doubt him..

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