Where were you at....?

For the real Hip Hop heads..

When you heard ya fav all time joint. What year? Where were you at and the hell was you doin?

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    My Top 10 CDs

    36 Chambers

    I was in the studio sitting on a chair doing pretty much nothing lmao

    Built From Scratch

    Same as 36 chambers..

    The Chronic

    I hated it at first tbh, but after a few listens it became my 3rd favorite

    Marshall Mathers LP

    In my bedroom, i started playing it, and id never heard a rap album before, and i heard 'You dont, wanna **** with shady, coz shady, will ****** kill you' and quickly turned it off and waited for my mother to go out so i could listen to it.

    Its Dark And Hell Is Hot

    In the studio, and this album was amazing. I also got his autobiography around the same time, so was reading that too.

    Ready To Die

    In the studio..

    Disposable Arts

    Same as above..i spend too much time in here..

    Lets Get Free

    I downloaded this and didnt do anything but listen to it, nothing else. Normally id like, be doing something and not fully focused, not but with this, and wow..

    2pacalypse Now

    Thought it was ***** at first, Im not sure where I was, but after a few more listens, loved it

    The Infamous


  • 9 years ago

    I found most of my favorite music on the Internet by doing a bit of digging since it's not really appreciated in Ireland but I remember hearing Lupe Fiasco's Hip-Hop Saved My Life on the radio a few years ago so I bought The Cool and Food & Liqure so that's what got me into hip hop.

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