Alpine Type R question?

i have to sell my swr1243d because of my new truck and its lack of space, so i was wondering which sub i should buy.. being powered by a monoblock 1200watt brz hifonics amp.


1. swr t10 shallow mount


2. swr 1043d

what will pound harder? the t10 is more expencive but i heard some reviews that arnt to promising

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  • 10 years ago
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    The normal Type R will definitely "pound harder". It has more excursion (Xmax) and can move more air.

    But if space is a problem, the T10 is probably the best choice. It only needs 3-1/4" of mounting depth and will work in an enclosure with as little as 0.25 Ft^ of airspace. The normal Type R needs 6" of mounting depth and at least 1 Ft^ of airspace.

    There are other good brands of 10" subs that will fit in tight spaces and probably pound harder that the T10. The Polk Audio MM1040 comes to mind. It needs only 4-1/2" of mounting depth and 0.66 Ft^ of airspace. But it's more efficient that the Type R "thin", 91dB vs. 83dB, and it's Xmax of 25mm is more than most 12" subs. This sucker can move some air!

    Another relatively "hard pounding" shallow mount 10 would be the Rockford-Fosgate P3 shallow.

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