What is it that shines through the eyes of the one(s) you love?


Stephen H.

Thankyou for your very moving and interesting answer.

Update 2:


I hope it doesn't sound trite but I am sorry to read that.

Update 3:


What can I say? I too have lost.

"She died saving someone." That sounds like a life's story in a sentence.

Update 4:

(((Glow Wings)))

Update 5:


Awareness becoming aware of itself, perhaps?

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    9 years ago
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    It simply is intimacy knowing itself reflected back to you...who are also only intimacy at that very moment.

    It actually is not a personal thing but we tend often to think it is personal, finite, understandable, conceptual. Whatever we find there is what we have put there - to the extent that we put anything anywhere at all - which is not exactly a straightforward affair. There is a grand case of mistaken identity about the do-er of action, of this looking at something else and the finding of something. I like how Rumi understands this as he asks: "Who says words with my mouth?" Who indeed! The eyes, mouth and ears are necessary and inseparable from the actual seeing, tasting, hearing, feeling that is the knowing itself, intimately loving. The great teacher Nagarjuna found that form is emptiness and emptiness is form. Just so, any object of love is not divisible from the love-ing itself. Impossibly, it finds itself in itself where the form advances it unavoidably. How lucky we may be to love! How easy sometimes and how difficult at others.

    By the way, it even works with the neighbor's noisy dog.

    Edited: Hi, yes, as I understand it now and have experienced it, awareness-with-an-object is actually an electro-bio-chemical process. When that wholly impersonal process stops or changes significantly, such as in deep sleep, there is no subject/object consciousness while still there is enough of some process to wake one when the alarm goes off. I bet we agree that 'awake' life is much as a lucid dream. So I would use the word consciousness recognizing itself instead of awareness but it is small point. It still is an electro chemical process. Also this is still a dualistic state, this consciousness or awareness which has found itself as the object. But it is really significant enough to qualify as a "religious" or "spiritual" experience - and this is because we are hard wired to organize chaos of the senses hierarchically. This awareness or consciousness recognizing itself is at the top of the hierarchy and suggests the ultimate principle concept. When this experience sometimes reaches completion in its process, it seems to deconstruct any more avenues or possibilities of "other" and there remains being-as-knowing-itself, which is a non-dual state - of intimacy. "State" is not really the right word of course. Words fail here. It is enough that the dualistic experience of consciousness or awareness recognizing itself points to this even though it cannot be adequately spoken. Looking into the lover's eyes changes things in ways that wars are fought and won or lost. And when lucky, peace is waged successfully because the ground of being is thought to be transcendent. I say 'lucky' because it is generally in peace that one can find this transcendent ground of being.

    Is it all just a bio-chemical process? Personally, I think not, and I am convinced that what is actually alive is not the body or mind. Beyond that - or prior to that - I wouldn't dare to name it. If I did, I might believe it. It is not religious in any case.

    Well, that's how it seems to me anyway. ;-)

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  • 9 years ago

    There's this kind of thing whereby when I look in people's eyes I'm just aware of their expression and body language and what they are likely to do next, and deeper things about their nature and qualties that they have. So it feels a bit like invading space, so try not to stare too much, because kind of shifting into that. But like if my sister or the kids had boyfriends when they were young, it kind of became obvious to all of them. So they would think it was a bit strange. So always kind of shading it and taking it off. But occasionally do it without realising, while the mind is really somewhere else but realasing taking that in as well. But people really stare in my eyes sometimes because there's something slightly unusual, that most people if they are actually looking my way from fairly near notice very quickly. (The mental health services staff rarely notice, but all the patients do. Don't know where those staff are looking because they can really glare and be intensely questioning, but they just can't really be looking at the person, because if they are forced to look when there's a lot of pain and stuff in and around the eyes arising when they inject drugs, they are just really surprised and shocked and leap back and kind of shriek when they state what they've seen. And then say there's nothing there and act like all the extreme adverse effects of the drugs are some mental illness thing, even after persistence and an opthalmic optician finds damagein both eyes that they insist must have been there before the "treatment".)

    As far as my eyes are concerned, when that happened I had extremely blurred vision and sensations broken glass and grit and like burning lazers and like extreme pressure as if eyes were about to burst is what it felt like and black blobs ands squiggles and stuff, and extreme pain and headaches and extrem light sensitivity and dry eyes, which at the time the psychiatrist claimed was because the drug relaxed the eye muscles. And there were bright lights everywhere all the time, because even at night they keep lights on and there's a window in the door and because there plastic covers on the duvets and the pillow case can't reaaly get away from lights and torch shining in every half hour, so the only place is the shower room but because the curtains are falling down they get taken away by the cleaner every time she comes in and they fall down while she's cleaning.

    I still have floaters, dry eyes and light sensitivity and headaches following this. It's all supposed to be incurable, so while it's improved a lot it's one of the (in this case unlisted and unresearched) side effects of the drugs that I haven't completely cured yet.

    I like everyone's eyes usually, and especially the patients' these days, but not the ones that see nothing at all of any value.

    Eyes (one mulitcoloured), it relates to how I perceive things and value diversity and equality and unity. So kind of always looking for that, what's special about people, even if it's hidden below the surface.l

    I've already posted a question on a quotation attributed to Crazy Horse, which includes "I salute the light within your eyes where the whole universe dwells. For when you are at that center within you and I am that place within me, we shall be as one." Whether he really said exactly that or not, I think it's absolutely right. It's been stated before that the eyes are the window to the soul. And I think anyone who has been in a close relationship would have some sense of that.

    When we understand and are aware and can place ourselves in the shoes of another person, in a sense we have their eyes as well as our own. And don't just write stuff off as not real or not possible, but be open minded and prepared to find out. We absorb and integrate that and expand our reality, and the eyes of the one(s) loved contribute to that and demonstrate how that works.

    They're the first things that humans learn to recognise, the face and the eyes of the mother and the eyes of the baby show how they respond to things before anything else (and empathy especially).

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  • 4 years ago

    it rather is particularly a Physics question. [a million] the ordinary answer is that area has no atmospheric gasses like planet Earth does. Our ecosystem serves to scatter gentle and creates the colors and the "daylight hours" that we commonly see. [2] Your question although if does stay valid. using fact the ordinary answer I quoted partly [a million] does not clarify why the evening sky isn't crammed with the starlight of trillions and trillions of galaxies and different sources of starlight. [3] My guess is that we are created to journey existence as creatures that stay on the floor of a planet. The "vacancy" of area isn't the place we commonly spend our time. for this reason it does not have the form of ecosystem appropriate for prevalent residing, i.e. experiencing gentle, colorations, flora etc.

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  • Bear
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    9 years ago

    The lighthouses of love that once shone for me,were extinguished on 18/8/2011.

    Phoenix - It's not trite at all.She died saving someone.

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  • 9 years ago

    The eyes say what the mouth and pen can't.

    When a loved one speaks, the eyes show sincerity or lies; respect or shame.

    When not speaking, the eyes still speak volumes.

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  • ?
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    9 years ago

    Burning desire.


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  • It is none other than God's Love that shines through you! :D

    Peace and Blessings


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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    my husband's eyes show his strength and his love. i almost lost him a few years back and every day i am thankful he survived.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    their soul manifests in their eyes

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