Fans of Deep Purple, and Ian Gillan...what do you think of the early 70's hard rock band Jerusalem?

Releasing one lone LP in 1972, the UK hard rock outfit Jerusalem were still in their teens upon formation. Discovered by then Deep Purple lead vocalist Ian Gillan, he took them into the studio to record what would be their only album. It's a crude/raw rudimentary sounding LP...full of angst and energy.

Note; For all Deep Purple fans...these guys sound nothing like Deep Purple, so don't be expecting "Machine Head" part two :)'s a video I created/uploaded featuring three of my favourite songs from their self titled debut album released in 1972. I've always loved the Templar artwork.

My videos are quite simple production wise...with various imagery sourced from photos and scans of my vinyl album; jackets/covers, labels, etc.

Jerusalem - When The Wolf Sits / Frustration / Hooded Eagle:

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    Really liked "Where The Wolf Sits"!! The song carries nuances of Foghat, as does "Frustration"; both songs were steps way ahead of the curve.

    Would LOVE to hear Metallica do their version of "Hooded Eagle".

    Why the hell weren't Jerusalem promoted heavily in the U.K.? One better: Why the hell didn't these guys get sent over to the U.S.---where they could have struck it big?

    Gillan meant well: He wanted to capture amped up rookie rock synergy; a message in a bottle project, throwing it out there, sending the bottle on a hoped for wild journey that ended well with success in rock and roll.

    But I think his liner notes may have snuffed out Jerusalem's chances by the "door openers" who just lay sight to the album ( which does have wickedly nice Templar jacket art, by the way ) w/out bothering to hear what the band recorded. Gillan offered his hopes Jerusalem wouldn't sell out---perfectly understandable--but I think putting that out for all to read on an aspiring rock music album were words stated too soon.

    Can't help but wonder what Jerusalem today are doing: Did they give up music, take their separate lives onto "real job" avenues, eons away from those fun free-wheeling days as a rock band? Are they still alive; do they talk amicably or are there deep divisive riffs of feuding still prevalent to this day?

    Guess we'll never know....and it's a shame too: IF ALL original Jerusalem members are still alive---these guys deserve to reunite.....and be given a far better shake into putting out the music that meant so much to them.

    God, the early to mid-1970s were indeed a fine fun time in amped up Rock n' Roll history!!!

  • 9 years ago

    Fantastic, I loved it and have to get it!

    Glad to see it was remastered in 2009 so hopefully I'll be able to find it.

    I added it to my list that I keep in my wallet of albums I have to get.

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    9 years ago

    I did dig all the songs and they are very good and thanks alot for sharing them

  • 9 years ago

    Interesting, and thanks for the treat.

    take care


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