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country music????????? my friend likes to listen to rap music and kesha and other stuff like that, which theres nothing rong with that...I even listen to that a little bit, but I told her I liked country music becuase you cant really here the auto tune in it, but a kesha song you can here the autotune and I think its to much and she said country music isn't even country music really..cuz its more like country pop?? I get what she's saying but, I want to know the true meaning of country music....? Like what is country music?? Thnx!!

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    Harlan Howard said Country Music is 3 chords and the truth. It's hard to explain so letting the music explain is best. These are true country not was is labeled country today.

    David Frizzel & Gene Watson-Long Black Veil.

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    Gene Watson - Farewell Party

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    Jamey Johnson - High Cost of Living

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    Jamey Johnson Poor Man Blues

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    Con Hunley - What's New With You

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    Vern Gosdin - Today My World Slipped Away

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    George Jones - Who's Gonna Fill Their Shoes?

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    Gene Watson - I Never Go Around Mirrors

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    Some time ago, legendary songwriter Harlan Howard described country music as “Three Chords and The Truth.” That is about it. Even today, those who get it know that country music is truth at its core. Take Randy Houser who rescently said, "Country music is truth. Of all genres of music, country music is the one that’s not so much about the beat as it is about hittin’ you right where it hurts the most in your heart and in your gut. Sometimes it hurts and sometimes it feels good. Sometimes it makes you laugh or cry or whatever, but I think it’s the last genre of music that’s all about a man telling you what he’s been through and where he’s been. And the truth." That's why even in “non-country” circles, if you play a country song and they really listen to it, you’ll hear them say something about how the words make them feel or how the words impacted them.

    In that respect, there is alot of country music that is true country but there is more. Here is a description that I found accurate from Dan Milliken:

    "In country music, the lyrics are the substance and the beats/grooves/riffs just serve to provide context to the story, whereas it’s the other way around in, say, rock music (and in my opinion, a lot of pop, too). That makes a lot of sense to me, especially given how minimalistic country music has traditionally been from a compositional standpoint.

    But even when the musicality gets more complex, I think that model still holds true of genuine country music. The example I go back to is “Galveston.” The music is at least as much ‘pop’ as ‘country,’ but you know that the soaring melody and production would feel meaningless without the narrative; they’re just not the primary actor. Contrast that with, say, the Stones’ “Satisfaction,” where the primary actor is the pulse and the wily riffs, and the lyrics, while awesome, serve only to give your brain the same idea that your body has already picked up from the music.

    One of my professors said it well: “rock acts primarily on the body, folk acts primarily on the mind.” I would add that country acts primarily on the heart – at its core, it’s about images and ideas that evoke emotional responses and memories from us." ."

    I hope this helps.

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    Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings ... men like these who could tell the stories of life with three chords.

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