Cannot access youtube account!!!!!!!!!!?

ok heres the issue,

my account got taken down due to copyrighted material. However, i have spoken with the people who have claimed copyright on my video, and have infact issued a retraction of copyright to youtube, which means that my account is back in good standings

however, my account has yet to be restored. the guy i talked to expected my account to be recovered by august 24th at the latest, and its already the 30th.

MY QUESTION: how can i contact YouTube to inquire about this issue? they never answer through emails it seems, is there a way i can speak with them directly?

otherwise, what should i do about my account? ive already taken the steps to regain access to my account just as youtube has written on their website. YET i still cant access my account!!!!!! HELP SOMEONE!!!!!!!!

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  • 9 years ago
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    Every 15 seconds days worth of video contact up loaded and imagine how many people have accounts plus what they view and everyone else. Now imagine how many videos, comments and channels are flagged and imagine how many channels there are. You Tube has to stream a lot of stuff and it seams that they've responded to a flag on your channel and disregarded the retract. They screened the retract just like the other 5 billion they get every minute. The odds of it opening back up are not likely. Search your channel name and if it says "account terminated" which it probably is then there's nothing you can do to get it back. It's too late so just make anew account and re-subscribe to people and re-upload your vids.

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