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Italian: La sua madre, il suo padre, etc?

I know when we're talking about our own family we omit le article, so it's eg. mia madre, mio padre. But when we're talking about the family of somebody else, do we put it or not?

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  • Nemo
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    No, you don't have to put it even if you're talking about the family of somebody else. it's always "suo padre", "sua madre", "sua sorella", "suo fratello" etc.

    Hope this helps......Ciao!

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  • Enzo
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    "(La) sua madre" (the same goes for "suo padre") implies that you're talking about someone's parent. So, if you didn't specify who he/she is, then you'll have to use the article. E.g "yesterday I saw Sara's mother ---> Ieri ho visto LA madre di Sara


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    no, you don't

    you don't put it, but you must change the possessiv ajective.

    mia madre = my mother

    sua madre = his / her mother

  • Lili
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    9 years ago

    You don't need it.

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