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In the slavery times, were the Native Americans slaves like the African Americans?

I'm just curious if Native Americans were slaves (I'm really sorry, I'm not smart in history at all). All I know is that the African-Americans were slaves. But were there any other ethnic groups that were considered slaves?

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    Yes, the enslavement and selling of Navajo women and children was well documented during the Civil War. Thousands of Navajo people were put on the trading block in cities and towns in New Mexico, many of them ended up in Mexico never to be seen again. It devastated the tribe, when the Navajo headmen Barboncito was asked by American agents at Fort Sumner how many of our tribe were slaves he grimly replied "half the tribe".

    It was often encouraged by the Americans as a way to weaken tribes they had targeted for extermination and removal. Like the Navajo, Apache, Yuma, and the many numerous tribes of California. They openly refered to California Natives as "Diggers", simply because they were digging up gold for the American miners for no pay, and if they tried to runaway they'd kill them. Aside from the California Gold Rush, you had the Yaqui removal in Mexico during the 1890's, where the Mexican government attempted to exterminate the Yaqui Indians by enslaving the whole tribe.

    So yes, there were Native slaves around the time of the Civil War and afterwords too.

    Source(s): Navajo
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    Not only were African Americans slaves, but eskimos, koreans, egyptians, mexicans, and robosaurs were also slaves.

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