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i like this guy .. but... 10 points?

i just met this guy yesterday - he's 14 & I'm 18

we went to McDonald's with his dad and my mom who are dating (8months)

yesterday we were with his younger brother and it was all about him ...

so today it was just us with our parents and were open people and we were talking sexual and **** ...

he said he likes older woman & i said i like younger guys .

when we went to MCD he went to get his drink . i was starting at him.. he noticed :$ he's like were you just checking me out I'm like no & i blushed.. then in the car i lost my phone and i usually keep in it my b00bs he's like WERE I'm like my b00bs he's like there called stockings I'm like wtf :$ then we started annoying other putting our hands in each others faces i took his hat putted it on the other side he went over me and got it...

what do u think is going on.. its or second time seeing each other

I'm seeing him again tomorrow what should i do different or should do more of ?

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    He might become your BROTHER. Sorry, that's illegal.

    Also, don't hold me to this, but I'm pretty sure any relationship that's 4 years apart (or something around that) is also illegal.

  • 9 years ago

    Flirt More Girl! Age is Just A Number ;

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