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Can an 11 year old Hound Dog live outside with osteoarthritis in both back legs in the winter?

BlueDog is my eleven year old reascued Cougar Hound, we got him when he was six months old and he`s now in the golden years. BlueDog had been living outside all of his life, he is on a long run and he has a Dog house and bed usuallly made out of old clothes, pillows, and blankets inside the shed (Whitch is also a Rabbit house and Hen house), BlueDog has osteoarthritis in both of his back legs, he`s starting to lose wheight and is slowing down, but BlueDog had a hard enough time this summer, but now I`m most worried about winter coming up! We give BlueDog scraps from dinners, lunches, and breakfasts he is also taking gluclosomine, can he survive another winter?


BlueDog can`t be inside the house because he`s not potty trained and he`ll rip every thing up in the house! Also, he`s not outside completely, I said he lives in the shed with his Dog house that usually has old blankets, and pillows and clothes! My Grandma did sujest in putting him in the house, and my mom just freaked.

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    Only if he's owned by a heartless, sadistic person.

    Why on earth would you leave this poor guy outside like that - get him in where there's heat and comfort, don't you think he deserves that.

    Note: Gee I sure hope your kindly mom doesn't decide Grandma is old and not potty trained and put her out in the shed. Not exactly compassionate is she?

    How about YOU potty train this poor dog, not too late - get her on a regular schedule, watch her or crate her inside when you can't watch her.

    Take her for short walks in the same area first thing in the morning, after meals, every couple of hours if you can - praise her when she gets it right outside. Can be done, I've potty trained old dogs that I take into rescue - make it YOUR project and work at it with patience and positive reinforcement.

    That dog needs to be kept warm, or he will die a painful, slow death. Look into heaters, maybe gel filled space heaters if you can't sway your mother's hard heart.

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    Dogs don't comprehend things as we humans do. If I were a dog, I wouldn't have an opinion regarding living outside for eleven years.. no one would if they were a dog. I believe dogs have SOME opinions, such as personal preference, but honestly? No, dogs live in the moment. They rarely think of their past, unless a traumatic event occurred and made a huge impact on the dog. Alright, so you know how I said dogs have SOME opinions, such as personal preference? Some dogs actually do prefer living outdoors. You don't HAVE to bring him inside. Just make sure that he has adequate shelter, but from what you've been saying, I think you were already providing that.

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    If not left out in the cold, yes. Bring him inside. And who in the H would have a heat lamp in a dog house? Only a person who wants the dog house to catch fire and the dog to die that way.

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    Can he? Yes.

    Should he? No.

    Cold aggravates arthritis, and the poor old dog should be somewhere warm, preferably in the house.

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    I would either let him sleep inside with you, or at least give him a heat lamp. I don't see why he wouldn't last this winter. Heat lamps or heat blankets at night will help a ton.

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    There will come a morning when he cannot get up. Would it be stressful for him to be inside?

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    Why have a dog if you can not proerly take care of him?????? what is wrong with people

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    the question is: could you in his condition or perhaps the question if: would you want to?

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    with luck

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