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when did people start watching a lot of tv ?



c) the 1950s

d) the 1920s

e) 1964

which one? this is a question for school and i dontknow the answer.if anyone knows, please answer. thanks bye pce out


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    ok early 1900 there was radio, by the 50s they had movies, my best guess would be E but you can scratch out a b d easily

    Source(s): US history class
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    Electricity was not around in 1776.

    TV was not around in 1889.

    Radio was just coming out in the 1920's, no TV yet.

    TV was around in the 1950, but not very many people had TV's.

    What's the only answer left?

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    According to Wikipedia "Category:1950s American television series" there were about 600 TV series aired in the 1950s, so my guess is there were plenty of people watching for there to be that many shows on air. They had to be making money so they weren't broadcasting just to a few thousand people. Also from Wikipedia "Sales of television sets boomed in the 1950s."

    Now if it's some other country you are asking about, then that would depend on how the economy had fared after WWII. In Australia TV was first broadcast in 1956, and the biggest event to be covered was the 1956 Olympic Games in Melbourne.

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    I would assume , mostly in the Early 60's when it first came out,

    1958 was when it was first advertised

    And the United States was one of the first countries to use the t.v. with the most store bought sets(:

    YAY TV!!!!!

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    Well, you can immediately eliminate 3 of the answers. Think when TV was invented, and then think when most people started owning a TV.

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