1995 honda civic used price range?

what would be a good deal for a used '95 honda civic, 2 doors, mileage.. i'm not sure. maybe about 150k miles? i would appreciate the help. :)


Guys I'm not giving anyone "thumbs down". I'm a 19 yo male trying to buy the car lol

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  • 9 years ago
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    Are you looking for a private party Civic, or one being sold at a dealership? We had one at our dealership with about 200k miles for around the $2000 price range. If you are going private party, you will be looking at a little less than that since it still has less miles.

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    Lets re-arrange your question so that even you fully understand what you are asking . What would be a good deal for a sixteen year old car -almost two decades - with mileage unknown -I think it may have over 100,000 miles , maybe 125,000 , maybe 150,000 , maybe 200,000 , I'm not sure . Well , if its 16 years old and they only drove an average of 15,000 miles a year x 16 years then it just may have 240,000 miles . So, based on FACT , I think you should pay about $ 500 because if the transmission goes that's $ 2000 for a rebuilt one , if the motor seizes thats $ 3000 for a rebuilt one , if the compressor locks up that's $ 500 , if the front axles CV joints leak , that's another $ 400 . Then there are tires, brakes, hoses , electrical and when you are done spending $ 5000 its still a $ 500 car . These are called throw away cars . You buy them for $500 , and drive fromn A to B , if they begin to cost big bucks you dump them .You do not keep throwing money into a bottomless well . Capiche ?

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    I'm getting $1560 to $2595 avg trade in in the "black book", depending on model. There are Six different models of "two door". This is also rating a 1997, as old as my black book goes, plus this is a 2008 book. Deduct $125 -$625 for mileage, again, depending on model. Add $300 for factory air. Assuming No A/C, that makes it $935 to $2470. Dead Middle is $1702.50. Hope that was Blurry enough for you...

    Thumbs down? ..there is always some troll..I try not to take it personally, especially when I'm sure I'm Right (in this case it's Nebulous, at best.)

    And, in So. AZ, we got a lot Less for our CA Datsun Truck, because it had no A/C. It's almost a requirement...

    EDIT: I can't imagine a Dealer selling Anything with 200k for $2,000--more like $935. The clutch won't last another 50K. Oh well, Sucker born every minute.

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    1995 honda civic used price range?

    what would be a good deal for a used '95 honda civic, 2 doors, mileage.. i'm not sure. maybe about 150k miles? i would appreciate the help. :)

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  • 9 years ago

    I had a 1994 honda accord that I was going to sell and the selling price for it was only like 1000. it had 130K miles on it. you probably wont get more than 2000 for it probably more like 1500 depending on the condition. go to kbb.com and it can tell you how much its worth.

    EDIT: What do you want to hear? that you will be making at least 10,000 off of it?? stop putting thumbs down on everyones answer were just telling you the TRUTH. your car IS 16 years old, maybe older because some cars are made the year or 2 before the year they put on the car. So if you want to try and sell it for over 2000 good luck but you wont get anything for it. maybe a scammer telling you what you want to hear.

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    you can try to find an ITR...but expect to spend A LOT of money on just the car itself... anyway theres not much difference between civics and integras. mainly engine (which you can swap out anyway) and size...civics are smaller and lighter. i personally like integras better: they're a bit more stable to take fast turns with then civics, but thats up to you. theres several ways to go about building up an engine. you could use a b20 block with a vtec head and high comp pistons and go with an all motor set up, or you could get a b18xx engine and go with F/I. it really depends on which set up you want to go (normal aspiration opposed to forced induction), what you know how to do yourself, what you can find in your price range, and how much you're willing to spend.

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    How is that you want a Honda Integra buy your friend has an Acura Integra? They really the same car the Civic and Integra. Get one with a VTEC motor in it both of them come with them.

  • 9 years ago

    2 thousand max with that many miles

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