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Shelly asked in PetsBirds · 9 years ago

do hand raised parrots make good breeders?

I was wondering if Hand fed parrots from 14 days old such as cockatiel or Quaker make good breeder birds in the future or will they lose there tameness?

Iv never attempted to breed a previously tame bird all my breeders are un tame but do show signs of once being tame.

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  • 9 years ago
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    When they mate or pair up they tend to get a little more wild, and may learn to bite. The bird will have less interest in you.

    Some types of parrots, none you mentioned MAY have a hard tome bonding to another bird, as they see you as their mate, like with greys and some cockatoos.

    Most breeder birds are not tame, but this may be because most breeders have too many birds to take the time to tame. It would by my prediction that they would make better breeders if left wild, but that is my assumption. But esp for cockatiels or quakers, they breed so easily i don't think being hand fed or tame would prevent them from breeding. But it would take time to get a lot of that tameness and training back afterwards.

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