Why is the International comunity pushing Israel to go back to borders pre 1967: who started the War?

International law clearly states that land gained in defense of the country from any
external aggression is considered legitimate spoils of war. If this is NOT the case - then - why Chile did not return land to Bolivia and Peru? Could it be applied to Peru/Chile/Bolivia but NOT to Israel?
Update: The War was started by Syria, Egypt (Nasser "...a Holy War...push Israel to the Red Sea"...and Jordania). The case of the 1879 war was just an example, not a judicial statement.
Update 2: righteou...- I use a bicycle. Thanks.
Update 3: affinity...- they have been doing that for 5500 years, since Egypt. Remember? thanks.
Update 4: Robert H - the 'word' - as a region - did exist. The 'nation', did not, Thanks.
Update 5: Under any circumstances, do people realize this goes FAR and beyond the 1948 AD re birth of that nation?
Update 6: Northlan.- I DO remember Netanyahu saying those words, and then telling Fox "...you WILL have them (the terrorists) in your streets". I guess you could say he was a Prophet with those words. Thanks.
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