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Why is the International comunity pushing Israel to go back to borders pre 1967: who started the War?

International law clearly states that land gained in defense of the country from any

external aggression is considered legitimate spoils of war. If this is NOT the case - then - why Chile did not return land to Bolivia and Peru? Could it be applied to Peru/Chile/Bolivia but NOT to Israel?


The War was started by Syria, Egypt (Nasser "...a Holy War...push Israel to the Red Sea"...and Jordania). The case of the 1879 war was just an example, not a judicial statement.

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righteou...- I use a bicycle. Thanks.

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affinity...- they have been doing that for 5500 years, since Egypt. Remember? thanks.

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Robert H - the 'word' - as a region - did exist. The 'nation', did not, Thanks.

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Under any circumstances, do people realize this goes FAR and beyond the 1948 AD re birth of that nation?

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Northlan.- I DO remember Netanyahu saying those words, and then telling Fox " WILL have them (the terrorists) in your streets". I guess you could say he was a Prophet with those words. Thanks.

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    Israel won the '67 war. Actually, the kicked some serious derriere in the process. After dealing with that surprise attack do you believe that Israel should have then retreated back to their original borders? Or instead expanded their area to create buffer to help deter further attacks?

    Would the Islamic nations of the mideast be more likely to try a round two against Israel if they faced no real consequences of the '67 war? Remember, you are dealing with religious zealots including a range of Islamic nut cases. Not the most rational of individuals to be attempting to compromise with. Iran's constitution includes the elimination of Israel as a goal. How would the world community respond if the Israeli Constitution included the elimination of Iran?

    “If the Arabs laid down their arms, there would be no more war. If the Jews laid down their arms, there would be no more Israel.” - Benjamin Netanyahu

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    Israel has supply land & given up land for peace. The Gaza Strip and the West monetary company belong to Israel not Palenstine. There are a gaggle of Demonic Spirits, which includes Hamas, Fayeth, Taliban and now Islamic Militas are amassing adverse to Israel. And No Israel isn't occupying the Gaza Strip. Any concepts: If i became Israel i might want to have each and every direction, North, South, East, West. lined with guns of mass destruction!

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    And more than that.

    The 1967 green line is not a "border." Border is a legal term. It is an armistice line, the point at which invading Arab armies were stopped.

    One of the key elements of UN SC Res 242 is that there is no border until the relevant parties peacefully negotiate one amongst themselves.

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    Not only does the anti Semitic UN want Israel to go back to 1967 borders, They want to give the land to a country that never existed (Palestine).

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    just figure out how to live together already its been like 3 thousand years. Its really not that hard.

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    what international law says that ?. not been clever just never heard that before?

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    No Oil for you!

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