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I think I just ruined my makeup brushes....?

Yesterday, I cleaned my makeup brushes by following the instructions in a YouTube video. This is what I did:

- Put a little bit of olive oil into a small bowl and dabbed the tips of the brush into the oil

- Swirled the oil-coated brush in the palm of my hand

- Rinsed the brush

- Applied a small pea-size amount of baby shampoo to my hand

- Swirled the brush in the shampoo

- Rinsed the brush again

- Left the brushes to dry, hanging with the brush part down

So, later that night, I went to check on them to see if they had dried, but they still looked wet. And they reeked of oil. I swiped a brush on the back of my hand, and a streak of oil appeared. They were all so oily! I squeezed out the excess of the oil with a tissue, rinsed them out thoroughly again, and left them to dry over night, but they're still oily. Not as much as they were, but when I swipe it on the back of my hand, there's still oil. I really do not know what to do now. I love these brushes and they're great quality (read: rather expensive) and I really am not in the position to be buying a new set. I'm scared to use the brushes now because I do not want to be putting that oil on my face, especially since I already have oily skin. Is there anything I can do to save them now? I really would appreciate any tips and advice anyone can offer me. Thanks so much in advance!

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    No, you didn't ruin them. Wash them in a mix of baby shampoo and dish soap. The dish soap will really get out the oil though I don't recommend using it all the time as it will dry out your brushes.

    For deep cleaning your brushes, I'd stick to baby shampoo or an actual brush shampoo. I ran into the same problem when I used olive oil.

    Good luck!

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  • 9 years ago

    First off, next time someone says use ANY kind of OIL on a brush, shoot them.

    You might as well pour the oil in your shampoo.

    You need to use a clarifying shampoo, or dish soap. Those are meant to cut out oil and grease.

    Personally I'd add a TINY bit of moisturizer to which ever you decide to use.

    You could also try sitting the brushes in coffee grounds overnight. Just plain coffee grounds.

    (Doesn't have to be fancy brand, just some kind of coffee grounds.) It should absorb most of the oil, and leave them smelling better than before.

    I'd invest in a actual brush shampoo, or stick with the baby shampoo.

    The brush shampoo I use if from

    It was only a buck and the brushes were only a buck each as well and they are amazing. So if you are at a complete loss with the brushes, you can use the ones from ELF for a temporary brush set until you can afford new ones.

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  • 9 years ago

    I would get a bit of shampoo in your hand and just swirl the make up brushes round it just like you did with the olive oil and this should get rid of it. Leave the shampoo on the brushes for a bit and then rinse them thoroughly. If they are still oily then just do this often (like once a day) for a few days and it should get rid of all the oil. Next time don't do it with oil, just use shampoo and then conditioner. This time don't use conditioner though because you already have the oil which will work as the conditioner. Hope i helped :) <3

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    What I would do is take some toilet paper and wipe it off the best you can. Too much water can actually ruin the brush and you might have to get a new one sooner. But every once and a while if you want to you can gently wash them so that if there is other makeup on the brush it will rinse off and so there will not be as much on there anymore. I hope this helps! : )

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  • 9 years ago

    No you haven't ruined them. It may be a few days before you can use them again but it's not a lost cause. Keep washing your brushes out. I suggest either baby shampoo or make-up brush cleanser and warm water. Give them a thorough rinse out each time and keep repeating the process until there is no oil left. Each time the brushes have dried try them again to see if there is still oil, if there is just clean them again.

    Source(s): Make-up artist
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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    in my opinion you should try a brush shampoo instead

    i know you can by them over the internet



    BI (Bare Minerals)

    i would try one of those or look for a less expensive brand of brush shampoo and follow the instructions on those ;)

    i hope this helps!!(:

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  • 9 years ago

    Just keep on washing them with soap or shampoo or whatever

    if it isn't working, just get some nice new soft ones - they don't cost that much and they're nice :)

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  • 9 years ago

    all you have to do to clean makeup brushes is just use soap and water.

    it's pretty much common sense to not put oil on your brushes because the brushes are for your face.

    then you would just be brushing oil on your face and you're just gonna start breaking out with all the excess oil.

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  • 9 years ago

    Yeah you ruined them.

    I would never ever ever think of putting any kind of oil onto my brushes! That goes on your face girl!!!

    All you have to do is clean them out under hot running water or just use like baby wips, or any type of make up removing wipe.. or just a towel that you got wet

    Also, to try to get some of the oil to come out of them, try putting like baby poweder on them (to maybe soak up some of the oil) I don't know if that will work but you can try it..

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  • 9 years ago

    Michelle Phan should have warned people lol

    But just rewash with baby shampoo and they should be recleaned lol

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