crappy youtube advertisements?

about yesterday the YouTube page on my computer decided to show me more advertisements. one above the video, one beside it and one under it. looks like a scam website hacked my YouTube page.

any suggestions on how to get rid of the ads??

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  • 9 years ago
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    Google, with "99 zeroes" in its continually expanding financial universe, owns YouTube, and partners with ad companies to "always provide you with a more relevant advertising experience" -- in other words, it may not be a scam site putting up ads, unless that $cam $ite is Google itself. :-(

    For Firefox, I recommend the add-ons Adblock Plus, GreaseMonkey, and NoScript. Chrome Adblock works better than ABP for that browser (or the more secure Iron). Not sure about Safari or Opera, but I am sure don't use Internet Explorer. The programmers behind ABP are working on a separate plugin called AdblockVideo (FF only) that specifically works with YT & Hulu ads, among others (but as of yet doesn't work when enabled with ABP proper).

    GreaseMonkey won't work on its own but requires "scripts" to modify the presentation of different websites. Dozens are listed on NoScript can be a bit overzealous when it comes to blocking things, but when used properly it's very effective for its intent.

    Also, use a hosts file. It blocks ads on numerous websites, not just YT/Google, basically giving the ad sites a 404 when they try to connect to your IP address. Programs like Spybot Search + Destroy can automatically protect the hosts file for you when you hit Immunize, and/or you can create/download your own by editing the hosts file yourself. I suggest to use apps that will do this for you; there might be something similar for Mac or Linux but I'm on Windows, and the program HostsXpert works for me.

    More info and downloadable blocklists in the links below. I know, I hate commercials too. It's why I no longer watch regular TV or have ever used Netflix, but instead watch everything via Pirate Bay, YT or Megavideo. ;-)

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  • 6 years ago

    Free Subs, no downloads or anything...

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago


    Maybe try the latest version of Adobe Falsh Player? -->

    The last version of Adobe Flash Player is the only solution if you have problems to watch videos online, like if you see black screen or if you have problems to load the video.

    Have a nice day

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  • daviss
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    you could exchange the gruesome format purely edit your channel and click swap back to previous version. Google bought youtube a pair years in the past and that they took administration. The classified ads are how youtube makes money. human beings pay them to place classified ads for them/their video clips.

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