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Does anyone have some advice, or can they suggest a online resource, that would help me figure out the answer to this question:

I am looking for a job that will allow me to work 9-5, makes a minimum of $60,000 a year. The job cannot be detail oriented, and it needs to invovle working with people. On career exams I score high in social, artisitic and leadership areas and score low in detail oriented, organized, repetative jobs requiring little or no expression. However although I score high in artisitc/social areas etc, I am a private person and prefer to work with people one on one or in smaller groups rather than working in someting like journalism which is far to public for me. I am very intuititve and excell, as I said, in areas where i can run on my intuition, ambition, expression, and ability to work well with others. Hope some of this makes sense, and that somebody might be able to offer some advice on this . Thanks! PS: by online resource i mean someting that might produce a list of jobs meeting my criteria that i can input online.However as i said, your personal suggestions are also much appreciated.

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    If you are considering a career in corporate social investment, the most important qualification is a genuine interest and desire to help people in need. Someone who is looking into a corporate social investment position must also have good communication skills and be ready to travel.


    Corporate social investment (also called CSI) is an effort by companies to invest in the social development of a country in need. It is similar to a community-service initiative, only more targeted. Corporate social investment positions and initiatives are very prevalent in New Zealand and South Africa.

    What is the Purpose of Corporate Social Investment?

    Corporate social investment initiatives usually involve promoting education, social activism and entrepreneurship in an area that is severely in need. Employees who work in corporate social investment positions will be required to organize these programs and work with local governments to assure that positive things are actually being done with the money that is being invested in the area.

    Education is of utmost concern in developing countries. Children and young people are a country's most valuable resource; with the proper education and skills, they can grow up to take on important positions that will help build their country's infrastructure and economy. Social initiatives support efforts related to health and social development in these countries. Finally, small businesses are considered to be a cornerstone of any strong, viable country, so CSI programs look to encourage entrepreneurship by giving business owners funding, ideas and support.

    Who is Most Qualified for These Positions?

    Because many CSI jobs will require the employee to travel abroad, the ideal candidate for a corporate social investment position will enjoy exploration and be prepared to go outside of her comfort zone. In some cases, the employee will need to relocate.

    Someone with a background in community service--perhaps a former non-profit employee or social worker--would do best in this type of position. The candidate should have concrete ideas and methods for effecting change in developing countries, great communications skills, and the ability to manage money well. This type of position is a liberal arts major's dream.

    Most of all, the ideal candidate for a corporate social investment position must genuinely care about helping people. A good heart and clear mind are needed when you are thinking about embarking on this type of career.

    Companies With Corporate Social Investment Programs

    There are several well-known companies who have corporate social investment programs in effect. Ernst & Young, a large professional-services company and one of the Big Four auditors worldwide, has an aggressive CSI program in South Africa. It even encourages its employees to contribute from their paychecks to non-profit organizations. Virgin Mobile of the UK also has a corporate social investment program to help starving children and kids who are victims of abuse. Visa helps people in developing countries who are new to banking by helping them manage their finances.


    If you are looking into a career in corporate social investment, a background in community service is very helpful. This type of job can be a rewarding experience for someone who loves to help others and understands the needs of people in developing countries. Be prepared for travel and the need to work closely with governments and people in need.

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    sounds such as you have owned/controlled different companies. pass in that direction - discover a small-midsized organization and attempt for a retail shop/website administration place. you will in all probability no longer have the industry journey (outdoors of the childcare industry), however the basics could get you some traction - you only desire the coinfidence to make certain/sell the parallels. some "prepare" (i.e. botched) interviews could provide help to artwork out the kinks. extra of an instantaneous direction mentioned right here, by using fact the extra drastic ones require some academic training (that are strategies too). solid success!

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