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DENISE asked in TravelAsia PacificKorea · 10 years ago

Recommended Korean dramas?

:D I'm relatively new to this whole drama thing. I've only watched 3, and I've just started watching My Girlfriend is A Gumiho.

I like funny dramas. This may sound a little awkward, but I prefer a drama with young people acting in them (30 years and younger). It's not that I refuse to watch anything with adults, it's just a lot more interesting, me being a teen and all.

The ones I've already watched are:

-Dream High

-You're Beautiful (This was my favourite)

-Playful Kiss

-My GF is a Gumiho (started today)

Any suggestions? :D

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  • 10 years ago
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    ***Must watch dramas. They are really recommended.

    ***City Hunter- It's more on action but really recommended. It has romance and comedy in it too. The chemistry between two leads are really strong and the main lead(Lee Minho) is really hot. Great eye candy and great plotline too.

    ***49 Days- This drama is more on melodramatic but the life lesson here is really great and makes you appreciate what you have and literally live your day like its your last. The story is mainly focused on how to live your days fully and there's also a romantic story between 2 pairs of couple. Very heartwarming.

    ***Secret Garden- This drama is also one of my favs. It's sorta on the supernatural/fantasy/melodramatic side but it still has romance in it. The main guy lead is not that young I think he's 29/30ish around that area cuz he recently been sent to the military. Its really good and if you know kpop Big Bang made a parody on it just serch it on youtube and you'll find it subbed too. Anyways this is a really good drama. Very good.

    ***My Girlfriend is a Gumiho- You're already starting this so all I can say is that you'll love the HoiHoi couple.

    ***Shining Inheritance- It's about a happy go lucky girl who has to face some hardships that come her way when an incident happens. It shows that everyone isn't what they seem and that everyone faces their own burdens and problems. It has a really great plot and the 3 main leads are amazing. The guy from My GF is a Gumiho, Lee Seungi is the main lead here too.

    ***Iljimae- It's sorta a historical drama BUT its also really good. The main girl lead from Shining Inheritance is here too and the guy, Lee Joonki is really amazing here. Lee Joonki made this drama lighthearted and full of energy. It's kinda like a korean version of Robin Hood.

    Wonderful Life- Also really good. It's about how 2 young people raise a baby with all the hardships they face. It shows how to face difficult situations and deal with them.

    Kdramas that are romantic comedies:

    ***Sungkyunkwan Scandal- It's a gender bender story like You're Beautiful but this drama is set in the older times. BUT i assure you the guys are beyond old they're HAWT and young!!! There's 3 main guy leads and a girl and it set when the girls are underappriciated and aren't being acknowledged as equal to men. There's the guy from DB5K/JYJ as one of the main leads and the girl is from City Hunter.

    Personal Taste- Another gender bender well sorta. It's really funny and quirky. The main lead's hawt. He's also from City Hunter, a.k.a the hawt main lead:D Lee Minho is super talented and super hot. This drama is more on the rom/com side. It's more up beat and less dramatic.

    Goong- Is really beautiful. This is also one of my favs. It's those rags to riches types of story where a poor girl from a poor family becomes a princess by marrying the prince. The second lead guy is really hawt and the chemistry between the main couple is undeniable.

    Coffee Prince- This is yet another gender bender. I dunno why but I really love them. It's really good and is about a girl trying to work for a living to support her family aka her bratty sister and shopaholic mother. She's really hardworking and pretends to be a guy to be hired as one of the Coffee Princes at a high paying job.

    Paradise Ranch- It's about 2 young divorced couple and how faith brought them back together. Changmin from the famous group called DB5K is the main lead.

    Boys Over Flowers- This drama is really well-known and really fun and up beat. Lee Minho is one of the leads here too and Kim Hyun Joong, the guy from playful kiss is one of the leads here too.

    My Lovely Samsoon/ My Name is Kim Samsoon- It's a good good rom/com and the lead guy is from Secret Garden. Very quirky and funny.

    Heartstrings- If you loved the YongShin/Minam-ShinWoo couple in You're Beautiful this is a must drama for you then. They`re the main couple in this drama. Tbh i was rooting for ShinWoo in You`re Beautiful and this story is also good. It has a good ost too. And Jung YongHwa`s band member in CN Blue is also in this drama.

    My Girl- It`s another romcom about a girl who lies a lot and somehow pretends to be the long lost cousin for someone. Another great watch.

    Goong S- Is a spinoff of Goong. Its about a poor guy becoming the next line of being the prince. Park ShinHye from You`re Beautiful is the bad girl/antagonist of the story. Really good.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Yuhee The Witch, Sassy Girls, Couple is Trouble, Coffee Prince, Full House, Love Marriage, Heartstrings, Sungkyunwan Scandal, He Who Can't Marry and the list goes on and on.

    Most of the drama that I listed out was because of their good-looking heroes, hehe. x) Hope this helps! xx

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    49 days <3

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    i admire the main of musical dramas. maximum musical dramas have romance in them and that i admire them! listed under are some: Dream severe- it extremely is great and has fantastic human beings in it! quite a number of song and romance. stunning boys ~ Ahhh I easily have watched this drama approximately thrice (: close Up! Flower Boy Band- interior the 1st 3 epsiodes i desire you have your tissues. it extremely is all I ought to declare. Its a ultimate drama and romance is everywhere alongside with rock song! Who ought to ask for extra? Heartstrings- i enjoyed this drama. it extremely is my well-known musical drama. palms down the terrific. I pretty pretty advise this one. you're alluring - definite this one grow to be reliable. yet i form of predicted the ending. yet usual grow to be an exceedingly reliable drama :) Now listed under are another romance one with song! espresso Prince- this one is a gender Bender it extremely is great. a woman pretends to be a guy to artwork at a espresso shop because of fact she is the breadwinner of her kinfolk. however the boss starts off to strengthen emotions for Ger even although she is a 'guy'. A Gentleman's Dignity - ok so bare with me right here. it quite is my all-time well-known drama! it extremely is approximately adult adult males of their 40's and nevertheless being single. however the romance in it quite is real! Its fantastic and extremely addicting. i comprehend you may think of which you does not like it because of fact its approximately form of previous adult adult males yet have confidence me, you may like it! I enjoyed it. Flower Boy Ramen shop - this one i purely finished recently and that i enjoyed it! reliable looking adult adult males, romance, jealousy, each and every little thing! Its fantastic! And plus it grow to be very addicting! on the grounds which you enjoyed Playful Kiss and BOF i might think of you desire this one. nicely I easily have many extra that i ought to write yet my palms are tired of typing. rejoice with this. All of those are a ought to observe! have exciting~

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  • 10 years ago

    My name is kim sam soon also known as my lovely sam soon.

    this is my favorite drama. :]

    secret garden is great too :DD

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