Is this morally right?

I am in a situation where my roommates and I are applying for a restraining order for an ex-boyfriend of one of my roommates. The man has threatened not only my roommate but the rest of us roommates and we've been wanting to get one for a few months now. The roommate (ex girlfrend) does not want to get a restraining order. Anywho, the ex girlfriend roommate has an email that will be crucial to get this restraining order and one of the other roommates (let's call her Sam) wants to steal the letter to use. I've been friends with the ex girlfriend roommate way longer than Sam has and I dont want to compromise my friendship with her By stealing a letter, which I'm sure she knows. Anywho, I was wondering what everyone else thought about this situation?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Morals aside, that would be illegal. I personally think that I would probably do it if I were in that situation. That or I would REALLY put pressure on her to agree to the restraining order. Threaten to move out because you don't feel safe. A loophole could be to take a picture of the email/letter. That would be easier to dance around the legality of the issue.

  • 9 years ago

    I agree w/ ripasta. Take a picture or make a copy of the letter, but don't actually steal the letter. DO get the restraining order, even if your roommate doesn't want to. It's not just her well being at risk ,but yours and your other room mate. That's two to one. In summary: photocopy the letter, get the restraining order, and protect yourself from the crazy ex boyfriend. Your friend may not want to but she's putting you and your other roommate in danger.

    Source(s): It's better to ask forgiveness than permission.
  • 9 years ago

    Tell the ex-gf that it isn't just about her anymore, he is thretening you too. Ask her if she cares about your well being, and if so, if she would give you the letter/email so you can feel safe. She probably is only thinking of herself right now, but if you let her know that it is bigger than just her, and you would really like this, she may see what is really going on bigger picture. Trauma tends to put people into self preservation mode, she may not realize that your feelings are at stake too.

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