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red/yellow/green light night at the club.?

im going out with the girls this weekend and the theme of the night at the club is "red light green light". people are supposed to wear either red, which means they are taken, yellow "if they can be persuaded", or green "if they are good to go".

im confused by the last two definitions. i look forward to dancing with guys and flirting (as i am single), but i dont necessarily want to be taken home by anybody. and i dont own a shred of yellow clothing.

if i wear something green, will guys assume my goal for the night is to go home with them? or will i be able to send the message that i truly want to send: im out with my friends to just have fun and mingle with people.


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    I'm guessing green is you're up for anything, you want to have fun, and/or you're looking for a relationship.

    Yellow is probably like, you're hesitant, you're not that interested in a new relationship, but you can be persuaded if that right guy comes up to you.

    Good luck! If you don't have anything yellow, borrow your friends' clothes! :)

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